Tim Hall, Tak Bhana & Don McDonell
at Albany Christian Centre, 23 - 25 September 2004
Tim Hall
Tak Bhana
Don McDonell
Tim Hall has a unique ability to mix faith with humour as he prepares the hearts of the people for the Holy Spirit to move.  He is a forthright and anointed preacher who flows in the supernatural power of God.
  His focus is centered around the Holy Spirit and being filled with a fresh touch of revival power.  This is evidenced in the miraculous with signs and wonders which has had a dramatic impact on the body of Christ.
Tak Bhana is a visionary pastor and inspirational teacher of the word of God.  He encourages thousands of listeners every week on New Zealand's Rhema with his programme 'Running with Fire'.  His passion is to build great people within the local church.
  He believes prayer and fasting, partnered with faith will release the supernatural power of God in the church that has the ability to change a nation.
As senior pastor of Albany Christian Centre, Don has a passion to evangelise the lost and establish local churches that will impact their communities through the power and the presence of God. 
  He has travelled throughout the world speaking at conferences and revival meetings where he has seen thousands come to know Christ, delivered, healed and filled with the Holy Spirit.
  Don presents the gospel and provides practical help for your Christian walk in a down to earth and humorous way. 
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Thursday 23rd September 2004
PR04-D1  $10
Tim Hall
"Giant Slayers" watch free
listen free
Friday 24th September 2004
PR04-D2  $10
Don McDonell
"Prophecy, Prayer & Praise" watch free listen free
PR04-D3  $10
Tak Bhana
"Releasing God's Power Through Prayer" watch free listen free
PR04-D4  $10
Don McDonell
"Faith For Your Purpose" watch free listen free
Saturday 10th September 2004
PR04-D5  $10
Tak Bhana
"Prayer That Releases Revival" watch free listen free
PR04-D6  $10
Tim Hall
"Spiritual Weapons" watch free listen free
PR04-D7  $10
Tim Hall
"God's Lightning" watch free listen free
PR04-D8  $10 Tim Hall "Painting At Lunchtime"
watch free listen free
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Tim Hall PR04-#1 "Giant Slayers"
Have some giant problems in your life? Tim Hall teaches us that the giants don't have a good track record, and Jesus helps us to win.
Tak Bhana PR04-#5 "Prayer That Releases Revival"
Tak exhorts us to see revival in NZ come through praying persistantly. We are Nation takers. From Humour to deep thoughtfulness,Tak lays out the powerfulness of prayer that changes everything. Using Bible characters and many scriptures, this vital message is a challenge to all who pray for revival in NZ.

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