Setting The Pace
DVD's & CD's from the New Life Churches of NZ Conference
at Palmerston North, 24th to 27th September, 2001

Allan Meyer
A last-minute replacement for the featured speaker, Allan Meyer is the Senior Pastor of Mount Evelyn Christian Fellowship in Melbourne, Australia. Allan grew into ministry under the guidance of Pastor Hal Oxley, and is an entertaining and motivational conference speaker. In 1992 Allan and his wife Helen were instrumental in the establishing of Careforce Recovery Ministries, a program used in hundreds of churches in Australia, NZ and other countries. He has been to NZ on many occasions.
Bruce McDonald
Andrew Kubala
John Steele
Peter Davis
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Tuesday 25th September 1001
NL01-D1  $10
"Stop & Go"
Peter Davis
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"The DNA Of The Seed"
Allan Meyer
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NL01-D2  $10
"The Parental Paradox"
Allan Meyer
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Wednesday 26th September 1001
NL01-D3  $10
"Vision For Dummies"
Allan Meyer
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"The New Life Chrches Movement"
Bruce McDonald
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NL01-D4  $10
"The Faithful Few"
Andrew Kubala
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Thursday 27th September 1001
NL01-D5  $10
"The 4 'Everys' Of Apostolic Release"
Bruce McDonald watch free listen free
"Spiritual Fathers"
John Steele watch free listen free
NL01-D6  $10
"The Search For Intimacy"
Allan Meyer watch free listen free
Workshops 25th & 27th September 1001
NL01-D7  $10
"Prophetic Workshop"
Peter Davis watch free listen free
"Youth Ministry That Works"
Andrew Kubala watch free listen free
NL01-D8  $10
"Apostolic Ministry In Mission"
Lorraine Dierck watch free listen free
"Building Multicultural Churches"
Carl Jukes
David Boyd
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 "The Parental Paradox"
This is a vital message for parents and children who have unresolved conflicts from their parenting experience. Allan uses examples from Noah and his children, and David and his children, and how this mixture of good and bad parenting can damage their children. Healing can come as parents are honoured and as thankfulness is given for them.

 "The Search For Intimacy"
This is a unique message about sexual discipleship and how we handle our sex drive. In a sometimes humourus approach Allan talks about a Theology of Sex, and how the God's passion for intimacy with us is an expression of His Holy love for us. This "must hear" message has fresh insights in this topic for counsellors and Pastors, and in fact for all believers.