at Eastside Apostolic Church, Hamilton
June 10th - 12th 2005

Paul deJong

Ian Wright

Don Lake

Nick Klinkenberg
Paul deJong is the Senior Pastor at Christian Life Centre, Auckland.  he speaks at leadership conferences, seminars and churches around the world. Ian Wright leads a thriving church in Invercargill.  Ian speaks in many churches, both here and overseas.  He is on the National Leadership Team of the Apostolic Church NZ. Don Lake is Senior Pastor at Bays Apostolic Church in Auckland.  Don functions as a prophet in NZ and around the world. Nick Klinkenberg is the Senior Pastor of Eastside Apostolic Church in Hamilton. Nick's ministry is one of encouragement and exhortation.
Friday 10th June 7.30 pm
IC05-D1  $25
IC05-C1  $9
Paul deJong "Community In Action"
Saturday 11th June 9.00 am
IC05-D2  $25
IC05-C2a  $9
Ian Wright "Atmosphere, Attitude, Action"
IC05-C2b  $9
Nick Klinkenberg "Requirements Of Mission"
Don Lake "Inspired By The Prophetic"
Saturday 11th June 7.30 pm
IC05-D3  $25
IC05-C3  $9
Ian Wright "A New Song In Your Mouth"
Sunday 12th June 9.00 am
IC05-D4  $25
IC05-C4a  $9
Ian Wright "Sing O Barren" (9.00 am)
IC05-C4b  $9
Ian Wright "Sing O Barren" (10.40 am)
Sunday 12th June 7.00 pm
IC05-D5  $25
IC05-C5  $9
Ian Wright / Don Lake "Colliding With Destiny"
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IC05-1 "Community In Action"  Paul deJong
Community combines "unity" with "opportunity". Paul speaks from his own experience of living a New Testament life-style in our modern day, and urges us to lay aside the things that hinder community. He says "Personal preferences prevent community" and "Community requires ongoing investment". A great reminder to Pastors to give their people the opportunity to be involved in the community as a ministry.
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