Speakers: Wayne Alcorn, Bruce & Helen Monk,
Dale Hewitt, & Kumar
@ Eastside Apostolic Church, Hamilton 27 - 30 September 2004
Wayne Alcorn

Wayne Alcorn is the Senior Minister of Brisbane City Church and Chairman of CityCARE Brisbane.
Being a visionary leader and an excellent communicator, Wayne speaks to thousands of people in Australia and around the world each year. With over 20 years experience in both church and welfare work, he has ensured that people are assisted both spiritually and with the basic necessities of life
Using his unique abilities, Wayne is committed to training and mentoring people to reach their full potential. He does this by combining life experience, humour and Biblical truth.

Bruce Monk
Helen Monk
Dale Hewitt
Monday 27th September 2004
AP04-D1  $25
AP04-C1  $9
Ian Wright
"Under Construction"
Tuesday 28th September 2004
AP04-D2  $25
AP04-C2  $9
Wayne Alcorn
"Sing O Barren Woman"
AP04-D3  $25
AP04-C3  $9
Bruce Monk
"God's Stirrings"
AP04-D4  $25
AP04-C4  $9
Wayne Alcorn
"The Miracle Of Mutiplication"
Wednesday 29th September 2004
AP04-D5  $25
AP04-C5  $9
Helen Monk
"Lift To Fit"
AP04-D6  $25
AP04-C6  $9
Dale Hewitt
"Lessons From Solomon"
AP04-D7  $25
AP04-C7  $9
"A Passion For Evangelism"
AP04-D8  $25
AP04-C8  $9
Wayne Alcorn
"The God Of Generations"
Thursday 30th September 2004
AP04-D9  $25
AP04-C9  $9
Wayne Alcorn
"The Joy Of The Lord"
AP04-D10  $25
AP04-C10  $9
Bruce Monk with
Phil Underwood
"God Deserves Our Best"
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Wayne Alcorn AP04-#8 "The God Of Generations"

Wayne brings a challenge to the present generation to invest in and encourage the younger generation to become the next men and women of God. He draws on many interesting and sometimes humorous personal stories that illustrate his message.

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