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   Students spend a part of their practical assignment in going to many villages that have no Christian witness. As a result, there have been churches established, and now some of the graduates are pastoring these pioneer churches all over Far East Russia.

   Some of these villages are close enough for students to go and minister over the week-ends.

   Other graduates work in church and missionary situations, some even traveled regularly to China.

   Approximately 60% of the Graduates from FAITH IN ACTION are involved in some kind of Christian Ministry. This is much higher than that of most other Bible training institutes in Russia.

Graduate pastors

   Since 1994 about two hundred students have graduated and received their diploma. Graduation ceremonies are held twice a year. However the training they have received on how to rely upon the Holy Spirit for God's leading, guiding and power is much more valuable than any diploma.


   In 2004 a reunion of Graduates was held, with over 60 attending during the functions. There were many testimonies of how the Lord had met them in their ministries over the years.

Graduates reunion


   These students have gone out to change their world, with the joy of the Lord in their hearts and the Word of the God on their lips, and a passion to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with their fellow Russians and the neighboring Chinese and North Korean people.

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