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Noel Morris
June 2011
The end of a Chapter:
“Faith In Action” closes its doors in Russia
Closing the door on a ministry that has been effective and anointed for sixteen years has been very difficult. Through God’s grace I have come to the place to release the vision and burden that He gave me back in 1993.

“Faith in Action” Students and staff in 1994

In doing this we recognise the great work that the Lord has done in the lives of the hundreds of students we have trained, the dozens of teachers who have given of their time, finances and expertise, the thousands of believers in Japan, New Zealand, America, and nations around the world who have prayed and given money (both large and small amounts) to fund the school for the last 16 years, and the believers in the church in Russia who have helped with practical assistance and hospitality. Thank you one and all for your part in what FIA has accomplished in the lives of Russian believers.

“Faith in Action” Students and staff in 2009

Several years ago the pastor of the Living God Church (which hosts Faith in Action) had a moral failure which cost him his ministry and marriage. At the beginning of last year Pastor Mikhail took over leadership of the church. Mikhail’s vision does not include a residential-type Bible School, and we have not seen any new students since he took over.
So it is with regret that we finish our commitment to Living God Church in supporting FIA Bible School. We want to acknowledge the Church’s previous role without which nothing would have been achieved, and to bless them as they go forward with their new vision.

Over 50 graduates gathered for the 10 year
 Anniversary in 2004

Again we want to say THANK YOU to you for your prayer, giving and encouragement along the journey. Without you there would have been no journey: no Bible School, no students graduated and thrust out into ministry, some churches that would never have been started, and many Russian believers who wouldn’t be believers today. May God bless you for your faithfulness.

Yours in Jesus,
Noel Morris

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Denis at Faith Bible College in NZ

Last year we sponsored Denis from Vladivostok to come to NZ to study at Faith Bible College so that he could return to Russia and take a leadership role at “Faith in Action”.

These arrangements were made before Pastor Mikhail took over the Living God Church.

At the time of writing Denis is graduating after a year at FBC. Now it appears that there will not be a place for him to return to, we are looking at some other ministry opportunities for him in Russia. We believe that if the Lord is closing one door, another door for ministry will surely open for him. Please pray for Denis, for his future ministry, and for financial support for him.
While Denis has been studying general Bible subjects, he has also had experience with Christian Ministries with the Disabled, and also Children’s Bible Ministry. These two areas of Christian ministry – with the disabled, and with children – are not well understood in Russia. So Denis has some unique and valuable assets in his NZ training which will be vital for the churches in Russia.

Faith Ministries will continue with support for a variety of mission projects, and the web site will remain with options for online donations for Denis’s support or other ministry needs.

For whatever part you have played – in giving or prayer – we thank you. You have journeyed with us and our brothers and sisters in Russia, and our God sees the fruit and will continue His multiplication through it in Russia.

Denis will shortly be returning to Russia. Please continue to pray for him, and as the Lord leads you, you can contribute to his support by sending money for him to Faith Ministries:

Faith Ministries, P O Box 12357, Hamilton, NZ  3248

or online here

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