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Noel Morris
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   The unique course comprises 16 weeks of lectures, 8 weeks of practical outreach (in a church or evangelism team), and another 16 weeks of lectures.

   Their studies combines both class-room lectures and practical application. Students begin the day with prayer, and end it with prayer. In the week-ends they are assigned to outreaches to Hospitals, Childrens' Homes, markets, or to assist the churches.



   FAITH IN ACTION began classes on April 4th 1994 with 10 students. They came from several cities in Siberia, from Sakhalin Island and from the Vladivostok area. Some had only been Christians for a few months, most since Peristroika.
   In September the next group of 12 students arrived. This meant that from then two class rooms and two teachers were required. Since then a new group of students has come every six months.


   Over the last eleven years the teachers have come as volunteers, even paying their own travelling expenses. They were from Japan, America, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, England, Finland, India, Ukraine and Russia.

   Initially there was a predominance of foreign teachers, but in recent years many more Russian pastors and teachers have stepped up to teach the required courses.



   In the beginning FAITH IN ACTION rented space in a holiday complex, but in 1997 a disused Army Camp became available on the outskirts of Vladivostok. At first one building was used on the condition that students patrolled the property and kept it from being vandalised.

   In 1999 the buildings became available at auction and were purchased for US$40,000 which was provided in response to prayer. The land is under a long term lease.

  Many of the buildings are only the remaining foundations, but can be rebuilt without expensive new building permits. Some renovation has been done but there is still a great "potential" available.
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