God has given a strong WORD IN SEASON to Joy Dawson to the Christians of New Zealand about revival, and what we should do to prepare ourselves for it.

She shared her WORD IN SEASON with a gathering of 300 people hosted by Deborah & Associates, Lydia Fellowship, and YWAM Campaigns / IWT on January 21st & 22nd 2005 at Faith Bible College, Tauranga.

You need to hear this WORD IN SEASON too. Audio and video recordings are available, listed below. You can downoad an outine of Joy's message here
Joy Dawson
John Dawson
Joy Dawson's penetrating Bible-teaching ministry crosses denominational lines and motivates people to develop a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.
She is the author of the bestselling books "Forever Ruined for the Ordinary" and "Intimate Friendship with God", as well as "Intercession, Thrilling and Fulfilling", and "Some of the Ways of God in Healing".
Joy is married to Jim, who is a staunch supporter of her ministry. Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, they now live in California.
John Dawson (son of Joy Dawson) is the current President of Youth With A Mission International and founder of The International Reconciliation Coalition. John has been a worker with YWAM for 30 years, and in 1992 was appointed International Director of Urban Missions. He is a well-known and respected International Christian leader.
John is the author of "Taking Our Cities For God", "Healing America's Wounds" and other books.
John and his wife Julie have 4 children and currently reside in New Zealand.
Friday evening 21st January 2005
WIS05-D1  $25 WIS05-C1a  $9 Joy Dawson "Vision & Purposes For Revival in NZ" Pt a
WIS05-C1b  $9 "Vision & Purposes For Revival in NZ" Pt b
Saturday morning and afternoon 22nd January 2005
WIS05-D2  $25 WIS05-C2  $9 John Dawson "Hindrances To Revival"
WIS05-D3  $25 WIS05-C3a  $9 Joy Dawson "Preparation & Price For Revival" Pt a
WIS05-C3b  $9 "Preparation & Price For Revival" Pt b
WIS05-C3c  $9 "Preparation & Price For Revival" Pt c
D1 & D3 set  $40  $25
Set of 5 CDs  $30
C1a,b, C3a,b,c
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