12th & 13th February 2001
George Otis Jr
Tom White
Dr Alistair Petrie
George Otis Jr is founder of the Sentinal Group, a research agency to help Christian Transformation worldwide. He is a renown author, and has ministered in over 100 countries. Tom White is a pastor from Oregon, USA. He travels internationally teaching on Spiritual warefare and intercession. He encourages and builds unity among leaders and churches. Scottish born Dr Alistair Petrie is the Canadian coordinator for the spiritual warfare network. He teaches powerfully about reaching cities for the Lord.
Monday 12th February 2001
TR01-D1  $25
TR01-C1  $9
Tom White
"Hearing & Heeding What The Holy Spirit is Saying"
TR01-C2  $9
George Otis Jr
"From Beachhead to Breakthrough to Transformation"
TR01-D2  $25
TR01-C3  $9
Tom White
"Building Leadership Infrastructures for Transformation"
TR01-C4  $9
George Otis Jr
"Why Community Transformation Initiatives Fail"
TR01-D3  $25
TR01-C5  $9
George Otis Jr
"Attracting God's Presence"
Tuesday 13th February 2001
TR01-D4  $25
TR01-C6  $9
Alistair Petrie
"Stewards of the Land"
TR01-C7  $9
Alistair Petrie
"Healing The Land"
TR01-D5  $25
TR01-C8  $9
Tom White
"Layering Prayer in the City-wide Church"
TR01-C9  $9
George Otis Jr
"Seeing The Invisible"
TR01-D6  $25
TR01-C10  $9
George Otis Jr
"Ingredients of Transformation"
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