"The Beginning of Operation Exodus"
Steve Lightle
In Hamilton, NZ on 26th July 2016
Steve Lightle
Steve Lightle is a former businessman from Seattle, Washington, where he owned a restaurant and the "Dippy Duck Car Wash". In June 1973, Steve moved his family to Braunschweig, West Germany, the city that gave Hitler his German citizenship.

In August 1974, he received a vision of God's plan to bring the Jewish people out from the then Soviet Union and return them to the Land of Israel. From 1976 to 1981, Steve was the European Director of the FGBMFI. For two and one-half years, Steve worked together with Eastern European Bible Mission, working behind the Iron Curtain. He has made many trips to the former Soviet Union.

In 1982, Steve and his family moved to Jerusalem, Israel, where they lived for seven years. In 1983, he wrote the best selling book EXODUS II.

In 1991, together with Gustav Scheller, he helped establish the Exodus Shipping Line to bring Jewish people from the USSR to Israel by ship and airplane.

  This is the second half of a message Steve gave in Hamilton NZ on 26 July 2016. The first half of the recording was lost through a malfunction. It is not for sale, but FREE to view on YouTube.

Steve Lightle

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