Reclaim Our Nation

15 - 17 January 2008 at Manurewa AOG Church
Trevor Davis, Bob McCoskrie, Anthony McMillan
Trevor Davis, a New Zealander preacher and evangelist who has been pastoring in Australia, returned to live in Hamilton last year. He found the church undermined and values challenged in the light of current government views on Christianity and the church. He organised this series of meetings to bring awareness on the state of the nation, and how it can be reclaimed. Bob McCroskie worked with at-risk youth in South Auckland from 1990, and was appointed a JP in 1996. Then in 2002 he joined Rhema as a broadcaster and TV presenter on Shine TV.
In 2006 he established Family First NZ and is the National Director.
Anthony McMillan is the pastor of Living Faith Church in Auckland.
Anthony and his wife Deborah have pioneered several local churches and have been effective within the body of Christ as itinerant ministers.
This is the day for the church to rise and reclaim our nation from those who have treated it with disdain and contempt. We must determine fresh vision for our nation and use our influence toward leaders in our communities, towns and cities to reclaim what has been taken from us - our freedoms, our rights and our message.


RN08-D1  $25
RN08-C1  $9
Trevor Davis
A Cry For A Nation
Tue 15 7.30 pm
RN08-D2  $25
RN08-C2a  $9
Trevor Davis
The Power Of The Word Of God
Wed 16 9.00 am
RN08-C2b  $9
Anthony McMillan
A House Of Prayer
Wed 16 11.00 am
RN08-D3  $25
RN08-C3  $9
Bob McCoskrie
State Of The Nation
Wed 16 7.30 pm
RN08-D4  $25
RN08-C4a  $9
Anthony McMillan
What Type Of House Are We Building?
Thu 17 9.00 am
RN08-C4b  $9
Trevor Davis
Revival And Visitation
Thu 17 11.00 am
RN08-D5  $25
RN08-C5  $9
Trevor Davis
The Church In The Last Days
Thu 17 7.30 pm
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