Friday 17 October 2014 in Avondale, Auckland, 18th October in Manukau, 19th & 20th in Hamilton
Ram Babu is an evangelist from India with an anointing for salvation and healing. Many churches came together for these events in Auckland & Hamilton.
Dozens received salvation, and many discernable healings took place.

Ram Babu

Robert Roy

Abraham Charles
Ram Babu
As an aggressive Hindu Brahmin, young Ram Babu looked down upon Christianity. He hated the christians and burnt their bibles. But in 1983 Ram Babu took his muslim friend's sister, who was mute, to a gospel meeting to mock and test Jesus. To his utter shock, the girl was healed instantly as the preacher prayed in the name of Jesus. The preaching  and the miraculous healing of this mute girl changed him completely and he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ.
  Today Ram Babu is used in India and different parts of the world preaching in crusades, teaching in seminars and conferences. His burden for the lost makes him accept challenges to go places where the gospel has never been preached before. Ram Babu is the founder of New Creation Ministries.
Robert Roy
Pastor Robert Roy has been serving the Lord as an evangelist & worship leader for the last 16 years. For 15 years he served as the associate evangelist and worship leader with Jesus Gives Life Ministries (JGL) under the mentorship of Rev. David E. Stewart Jr.
   His worship albums have been an instrument of blessing to draw God’s people into an encounter with God’s presence.
   Robert Roy was also the worship leader for this year's Festival of Joy meetings, and was the speaker at the first one held in the Liberty Church Hall, Avondale, Auckland.
Abraham Charles
Pastor Abraham Charles is the founder and director of Potter Palace Ministries in London. His anointed healing gift has changed many lives, and he ministers powerfully in the word of knowledge in meetings all around the world.

   Pastor Abraham came to minister at the meeting at Faith City Church, Manukau, Auckland.

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RB14-D1  $10 Speaker: Ps Robert Roy  “The Word Of God Brings Healing”
"Festival Of Joy In Avondale, Auckland"  Friday 17 October 2014
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RB14-D2  $10 Speaker: Ps Abraham Charles  “See The Mountain Top Glory”
"Festival Of Joy In Manukau, Auckland"   Saturday 18 October 2014
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RB14-D3  $10 Speaker: Ps Ram Babu  “One Touch Of Jesus”
"Festival Of Joy In Hamilton - Sunday"   Sunday 19 October 2014
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RB14-D4  $10 Speaker: Ps Ram Babu  “Jesus Suffered In Your Place”
"Festival Of Joy In Hamilton - Monday"   Monday 20 October 2014
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