Ray Andrews at Eastside Apostolic Church
Hamilton NZ
Ray Andrews is the director of New Life Worldwide ministries, is married to his wife Cath and has 5 children and 13 Grand children.  He travels the world doing seminars  and conferences in seminaries, schools, churches, and all sorts of places that need help.
He has counseled for thousands of hours but is also a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and knows that “there is not a problem that the presence of Jesus cannot cure”.
Ray has a powerful ministry in teaching and counselling and is uniquely placed to offer practical therapeutic and academic instruction to those wishing to further their own counselling skills. Ray's background is not only academic but includes a rich experience of pastoring, Bible school teaching, and leading marriage conferences.

Other messages by Ray Andrews
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A night with Ray Andrews
"Principles For Self Care"

Saturday 21 August 2010  7.30 pm at Eastside Apostolic Church, Hamilton, NZ
In this message Ray shows that everything we need for our emotional health is found in Jesus Christ. Grace has brought truth to us, and when we admit where we are in our journey and choose to go forward, we can embrace rest - the inner peace that God gives us.
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...and the next day...
"Change Your Belief System"

Sunday 22 August 2010  10.00 am at Eastside Apostolic Church, Hamilton, NZ
Ray makes the point that if your belief system is too small, you have a problem. If it is equal to your problem, you have a struggle, but if it is greater, then you can enter into God's rest. Even when things aren't going right for you, if you focus on God, He can use the situation for His glory.
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