Power and Presence Conference
29 - 30 November 2013 in Hamilton
Speakers: Don McDonell, Geoff Winter, Dennis McCaskill

No doubt that you have heard the stories of God doing amazing things across the nations of the world. The lame are walking, the deaf are hearing and blind eyes are been open! The internet is filled with reports of the miraculous happening. Power and Presence is a highly practical conference that will give you a head-start in developing the spiritual gifts inside of you. Our keynote speakers are on the cutting edge of seeing the power and presence of God transcend in everyday life.

Don McDonell
Don lives to Inspire all generations to live with eternal purpose. As Don puts it "Its about relationship with God, You can have all the right ingredients for life but only the power of Jesus Christ can transform your life and shape your destiny". Don is a sought after speaker and travels extensively around the world inspiring the church and seeing thousands touched by the power of God. As an International Evangelist for over 30 years, he has seen many powerful signs and wonders and countless lives impacted.
Geoff Winter
Geoff is a walking revival. He has successfully planted a church, seen countless 1000's saved, delivered and healed. He has a powerful market place ministry and sees many unusual miracles. He has traveled the globe preaching that Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever. Geoff has a burning desire to see Jesus made famous in NZ and to equip the saints to do the work of Ministry. Geoff is happily married with three grown up daughters.
Dennis McCaskill
Dennis is the Lead Pastor of Authentic Church and National Director of Momentum Ministries. He is considered an innovator and pacesetter in national evangelism. Powerful miracles and inspiring messages are a hallmark of his ministry. He has shared the same stage with world impacting evangelists such as Mike Francen, Daniel Kolenda and Reinhard Bonnke. Dennis is married to Melissa and together they have three young children.

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Friday 29 November
PP13-D1  $10 Session 1
Geoff Winter
“Radical Faith"   outline
watch free listen free
Saturday 30 November
PP13-D2  $10 Session 2 Dennis McCaskill
"Moving On A Maybe"   outline watch free listen free
PP13-D3  $10 Session 3
Don McDonell
Get Out Of The Cage"   outline watch free listen free
PP13-D4  $10 Session 4
Geoff Winter "Stepping Out On The Water"   outline watch free listen free
PP13-D5  $10
Session 5
Dennis McCaskill "I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel"   outline watch free listen free
PP13-D6  $10 Session 6
Don McDonell "The Job Description Of Jesus"   outline watch free listen free
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Brief message outlines:
PP13-D1  "Radical Faith" – Geoff Winter
Geoff tells us that obedience to speak out and pray for people can change our Nation
– not by the power of persuasion, but by demonstrating the power of God
– walk in the anointing which comes from relationship with the Holy Spirit
– He will make a way for you, provide a divine encounter
– This is for us NOW
– The miracle is coming, press through, don’t give up.
PP13-D2  "Moving On A Maybe" – Dennis McCaskill
From 1 Samuel 14. We need to take responsibility for our own faith and take God at  His Word. A miracle will always settle the issue.
1. Vision waits for nobody. Jonathan stepped out of the camp. Take ownership of your own beliefs and destiny
2. Don’t do it alone. Jonathan took his armour bearer. Different weapon, different gifting. Watch each other’s backs.
3. Just “faith” it. “Maybe the Lord is with us”. Step out on a maybe. When we move on a maybe, God moves on a certainty.
4. The devil is a toothless lion and a terrible liar.
5. Our God is greater, don’t give up.
PP13-D3  “Get Out Of The Cage" – Don McDonell
Most of life is mundane. But God wants to let us out of our cages. God is fantastic: “Do it again, God”
– Look for opportunities, windows in our lives
– God wants to release us from the encumbrances of life, to walk in the glory of God
– Isaiah 54:2 “Enlarge the place of your tent...”
– Be free to move with God
– “You were born in the fire, you can’t live in the smoke”
PP13-D4  "Stepping Out On The Water" – Geoff Winter
God wants to give you a key: Ask, seek, knock
– Open your mouth and speak out
– The world says “you can’t.....”
– God says “with Me nothing is impossible ”
– The problem you face is no problem to the Living God.
– Your destiny is framed by the words you speak
PP13-D5  "I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel" – Dennis McCaskill
Dennis tells about his recent Tent Meetings in Gisborne, and some of the miracles that happened. Then ...
– God we want You to use us. We have spent enough time dreaming, now it’s time to act on His Word.
– Stop trying to steals someone’s anointing & get your own
– Faith attracts the presence of God
– Don’t let your circumstances dictate your faith
– Your words have life
– Become people of power, because God is a God of Power
PP13-D6  "The Job Description Of Jesus" – Don McDonell
Based on the story of the Good Samaritan Don shows that the job description of Jesus is to touch a broken world.
1. The Samaritan saw the wounded man. Open our eyes to see the broken people around us.
2. Bandage – we have to get up close and personal
3. On the donkey – sometimes we have to carry people
4. Took him to the pub (not church)
5. To bring hope and healing, he had to get out of his comfort zone. We have to also.

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