Prophetic Dreams Seminar 2018
Video & Audio Recordings
at Harvest City Church, 24 - 28 August 2018
Speakers: Adrian Beale & Adam F Thompson
Adrian Beale

Adam F Thompson
Adrian Beale has the ability to release the Spirit of Understanding so that congregations are awakened and enlivened to new levels of revelation. His prophetic teaching consistently releases his audience to experience new levels of Kingdom truth.
Adam F Thompson has a remarkable grace to interpret dreams, move in the word of knowledge and demonstrate the prophetic. Supernatural signs and manifestations regularly accompany his ministry as he desires to see Jesus magnified through the moving of the Holy Spirit.
Previous videos of the Dream Team in 2015 here  and Adam Thompson here

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Friday Evening
PD18-D1  $10
"Wisdom From Above" watch free
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Saturday Morning
PD18-D2  $10
2a  "Dreams and Interpretations" watch free listen free
2b  "The Kingdom Big Picture" – Adrian Beale watch free listen free
Saturday Afternoon
PD18-D3  $10
"Dreams, Impartation and Ministry" watch free listen free
Sunday Morning
PD18-D4  $10
"Crossing the Jordan" watch free listen free
Tuesday Evening
PD18-D5  $10 "Dreams and Deliverance" watch free listen free
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