The Church - An Unstoppable Force
NLCNZ International Conference
at Waikanae, 13th - 17th October 2003

Erwin McManus

Aiden Holliday

David Hogan
Erwin McManus is the Lead pastor of Mosaic Church in Los Angeles, CA.
McManus is a national and international speaker on issues of church growth, organizational change, leadership, postmodern culture, urban and global issues. He serves as a consultant in leadership development to a wide-range of churches, para-church organizations, institutions and private sector companies, and has served as a guest professor and lecturers at numerous Seminaries and Universities across the United States.
Erwin has also served as the primary catalyst for the "Leading the Innovating Church" national conferences that has cumulatively trained over 3000 pastors throughout 1993, '94, '96 and '97. He is currently working at Bethel Seminary as a distinguished lecturer and futurist.
Erwin is the author of the recently released "An Unstoppable Force". He and his wife Kim have two children, Aaron and Mariah.
Aiden Holliday from Vision Leadership College is a dynamic speaker, motivator and corporate coach. These skills combined with his passion for strategy and seeing individuals and groups released into fulfilling their maximum potential has led him to help others to move to higher levels of excellence and maximum acievement. David Hogan from Louisiana is a missionary to the Indians of Mexico. His ministry has seen rapid church growth and some amazing miracles through the Holy Spirit. They report to have witnessed over 200 people being raised from the dead. David ministers healing under a strong anointing and brings a faith-building challenge to the church.

Tuesday 14th October 2003
NL03-D1  $25
Erwin McManus "An Unstoppable Force" Part 1
Erwin McManus "An Unstoppable Force" Part 2
NL03-D2  $25
Erwin McManus "The Barbarian Way"
NL03-D8  $25
Erwin McManus "Youth Leaders' Session"
NL03-D11a  $25
Erwin McManus "Lunchtime Session" Part 1
Wednesday 15th October 2003
NL03-D3  $25
Aiden Holliday "Empowerment: Setting The Scene"
Erwin McManus "Soul Craving"
NL03-D4  $25
Erwin McManus "Seizing Your Divine Moment" Part 1
NL03-D9  $25
Aiden Holliday "Atmosphere, Cornerstones & Process"
NL03-D11b  with D11a
Erwin McManus "Lunchtime Session" Part 2
Thursday 16th October 2003
NL03-D5  $25
Erwin McManus "Seizing Your Divine Moment" Part 2
Erwin McManus "Now It's Your Turn" Q & A
NL03-D6  $25
Erwin McManus "Uprising"
NL03-D10  $25
Aiden Holliday "Empowering Teams"
Friday 17th October 2003
NL03-D7  $25
David Hogan "Give Up Your Sticks & Your Morsels"
Set of 11 DVDs  $200
Set of 15 CDs  $85
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