“Islam, Israel and the Church”
   Much of the conflict in the world today is from the challenge of Islam. Both in the physical and the spiritual, Islam confronts us on every hand. Do we as the church understand why? Do we understand the significance of the small country Israel, and the city of Jerusalem? At this conference Marcel opened our eyes to the motivation and tactics of Islamic nations and how we can meet that challenge.
Speaker: Marcel Rebiai
13 - 15 February 2009 at Totara Springs Camp.  
To listen to an interview with Marcel - courtesy of 
Rob Holding and NZ's Radio Rhema, click here
Marcel Rebiai
   Marcel Rebiai was born in Algeria in 1953.  He was raised strictly as a Moslem until the age of 10, then fostered by a Christian family in Switzerland. Now as the Director of the "Community of Reconciliation" (COR), which he founded in 1988, he lives in Israel with his wife and four children.
   He is an authority on the current situation in the Middle East, particularly in relation to the Islamic world.  Marcel has written a book entitled – “Islam, Israel and the Church”. It is said that Marcel – “clears the fog in which many westerners find themselves regarding Islam. At the same time, he conveys deep insight into the callings of Israel and the Arab people. The commission of Jesus' church is placed clearly before our eyes.”
MR09-D1  $20
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 “Abraham's Fractured Family"    (God loves Muslims too!)
MR09-D2  $20
MR09-C2  $9
"The Spirit Of Edom"    (Where did Islam really come from?)
MR09-D3  $20
MR09-C3  $9
"The Emergence Of Islam"    (The spread of Islam in our world.)
MR09-D4  $20
MR09-C4  $9
"The Tactic Of Terrorism"    (Do we love our cause enough to die for it?)
MR09-D5  $20
MR09-C5  $9
"Islam's Influence On The Church"    (How Islam tries to ‘bully’ the Church.)
MR09-D6  $20
MR09-C6  $9
"The Bride, & The Messianic Churches"    (What about the Church in Israel?)
MR09-D7  $20
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"The Power Of Unity"    (How can we have an effect on this situation?)
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