Dr Albert Makary says we must change the way
New Zealanders think
about abusing alcohol and other drugs.

His message was given at the NZ Forum on the Family 2011

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Dr Albert Makary
Timaru gynaecologist Albert Makary was born in Egypt but has lived the past 23 years in the West. He is the father of three, a doctor and a thinker. Dr Makary says New Zealand has a huge alcohol and substance abuse problem, and as a country we need to completely change the way we think about the issue. He says the drinking culture in New Zealand has a direct link to family violence, sexual health, self esteem, and youth suicide.

Dr Albert Makary DVD
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How big is the problem in NZ?
How does Alcohol Work?
Advertising, & the Marketing Strategy of Alcohol Companies.
Alcohol lowers Inhibitions. Sex has become a sport.

  • Young people “pre-load” at home on cheap supermarket 13% wine and then go out 11:00pm.
  • Majority of teenagers get alcohol from parents.
  • 60% of sexual assaults involve alcohol.
  • Drunken girls being treated like Ewes in a Paddock. No one is addressing Promiscuity
  • Highest Level of Promiscuity = Highest Level of Youth Suicide
  • Highest Blood Alcohol Drink Drive in Western World.
  • New Zealand Accident and Emergency Hospital Wards are a war zone. Good Friday no alcohol related admissions, on Saturday five broken jaws from fighting.
  • Recent survey 98% of respondents believe the blood alcohol level should be lowered. Currently highest in the OECD.
What can be done?
  • Excess drinking should be stigmatized.
  • “We have a chance in a generation to make change, Alcohol Law Reform Act”.
  • CHILDREN ARE OUR GREATEST ASSET. Work in schools with young children discrediting drunkenness. Stigmatize it.
  • Schools must stop allowing alcohol being used with sports teams and social occasions.
  • Grandparents are the most effective people to bring about this change.
  • We must make submissions to limit and control alcohol.
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