Teaching by
Pastor Kelley Varner
at Faith Bible College on 27th September to 6th October, 2000
Pastor Kelley Varner from U.S.A. is a world renown Bible teacher. He is the senior pastor of Praise Tabernacle in Richlands, North Carolina, a multi-racial trans-denominational church. He sends out 30,000 cassette tapes and thousands of books yearly to more than 40 nations. He has written over 50 books which include a contemporary commentary of 15 volumes from Genesis to Ezekiel. Kelley has traveled extensively, but this is his first visit to this part of the world.
KV00-D1  $20 KV00-C1  $9
"Knowing The Time"  (1 Chron. 12:32; Psa. 102:13-16; Rom. 13:11-14)
KV00-D2  $20 KV00-C2  $9
"The Tabernacle Is Jesus" Pt 1  (overview of the Tabernacle of Moses)
KV00-C3  $9
"The Tabernacle Is Jesus" Pt 2  (overview of the Tabernacle of Moses)
KV00-D3  $20 KV00-C4a/b  $12
"Corporate Anointing" Pt 1  (Christ is more than an individual)
KV00-D4  $20 KV00-C5  $9
"A More Excellent Ministry"  (Heb. 8:1-6)
KV00-C6  $9
"The Man In The Mirror"  (2 Cor. 4:4; Col. 1:27)
KV00-D5  $20 KV00-C7  $9
"Corporate Anointing" Pt 2  (Christ never left the planet)
KV00-D6  $20 KV00-C8  $9
"Fresh Oil"  (the third anointing of David, 2 Sam. 5:3)
KV00-D7  $20 KV00-C9  $9
"Something Worth Seeing" Pt 1  (the Book of Ruth, Part 1)
KV00-C10  $9
"Something Worth Seeing" Pt 2  (the Book of Ruth, Part 2)
KV00-D8  $20 KV00-C11  $9
"The Relevant Church"  (Ezek. 22:30; Lk. 19:13)
KV00-D9  $20 KV00-C12  $9
"Something Worth Seeing" Pt 3  (the Book of Ruth, Part 3)
KV00-C13  $9
"Something Worth Seeing" Pt 4  (the Book of Ruth, Part 4)
KV00-D10  $20 KV00-C14  $9
"Whose Right It Is"  (present truth, 2 Pet. 1:12)
KV00-D11  $20 KV00-C15  $9
"The Priesthood Is Changing" Pt 1  (Heb. 7:12)
KV00-C16  $9
"The Priesthood Is Changing" Pt 2  (Heb. 7:12)
KV00-D12  $20 KV00-C17  $9
"The Blood Covenant Which Cannot Fail"  (Dan. 9:24-27)
KV00-D13  $20 KV00-C18  $9
"The Priesthood Is Changing" Pt 3  (Kelley's testimony)
KV00-C19  $9
"The Seven Separations Of Abraham"  (Gen. 12-22)
KV00-D14  $20 KV00-C20a/b  $12
"Nothing Can Stop The Seed"  (Matt. 1-2; Lk. 1-2)
KV00-D15  $20 KV00-C21  $9
"Servant Power" (Pastors' Meeting)  (Jn. 13:1-5; Phil. 2:5-11)
Set of 15 DVDs  $220
Set of 23 CDs  $120
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