The Complete Woman
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Sue McDonald
Church Leader & column writer

Sue McDonald, Associate Pastor with Takapuna AOG in Auckland believes that God's agenda is not dictated by age, race, or status, but by spirit, and by who God has uniquely created and designed each person to be. Discovering the security of knowing who we are will lead to fulfilment and fruitfulness in our lives.

Fleur Whelligan.
Health column writer.

As a busy mother of two, businesswoman and author, Fleur knows the constant juggle of trying to balance it all. She believes that getting back to basics and working with what God has given us on this earth is the way to great health. She shares ideas, tips and strategies that will change your life!

Cilla Sturt
Life Coach

Cilla Sturt. Cilla's background is in counselling, communication and coaching. She worked for Auckland Women's Refuge and founded a community church in which she was pastor for 7 years. Cilla set up and managed a highly successful Sydney-based marketing company. Now she facilitates a program called 'Life Code Matrix' which defines your passion, develops your confidence and unwraps your life purpose.
Gill Donald
Editor of JOY Magazine

Gill launched JOY Magazine in October 2004 with a desire to equip women to reach their full potential. She has overcome many obstacles, including a season where she lost hope for the future. Gill believes that God wants to inject new hope into the lives of His children, to experience again the JOY and expectation of knowing Him.

Today's women find themselves lacking as they are forced to define themselves by their relationships, or what they must do or be before they can be complete, acceptable, and satisfactory.

Yet in reality the complete woman is not defined by her external circumstances. She is a self-confident person who uses her abilities to the fullest, and understands how God has made her.

JOY for LIFE '06 encourages and provides women with practical advice about how to achieve wholeness in every area of life; mind, body, soul and spirit.

The recordings below are from the Auckland Seminar on 23rd March 2006. The Christchurch Seminar was very similar content.

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