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with Kim Walker-Smith, Skyler Smith, Cindy Ruakere, Robyn Whittle, & Ian Johnson
at Te Aroha, NZ. Sponsored by Te Aroha Baptist Church, 6 - 8 May 2010
kwsKim Walker-Smith has quickly become one of the strongest voices for the current youth revival, with an incredible sensitivity to the presence of God.
Kim's husband, Skyler Smith has also been a worship leader at their home church, Bethel Church in Redding California. Since their marriage last year they travel and minister together.
Robyn WhittleRobyn Whittle pastors along side her husband Steve at Te Aroha Baptist and has a deep desire to see people set free, healed and released to stand in the call that God has on their lives
crCindy Ruakere is New Zealand's own prophetic voice in music and song.
Cindy describes her mission in life as firstly, to passionately follow her Lord Jesus Christ with all her heart, body and spirit. Secondly, to help people to connect with God.
Ian Johnson is an itinerant Prophetic Revelator and Revivalist from Auckland.
Ian and his wife Joyce have pioneered and pastored churches for more than 20 years, and now travel in an itinerant ministry role, encouraging the Body of Christ in NZ and overseas.

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S1 Thur 6th 7.30 pm

IWC10-D1  $25

IWC10-C1a  $9 Kim Walker-Smith "A Worshipper's Journey"
S2 Fri 7th 9.00 am IWC10-C1b  $9 Cindy Ruakere "Aotearoa Sound"
S3 Fri 7th 1.30 pm

IWC10-D2  $25

IWC10-C2a  $9 Skyler Smith "Pursuing The Presence Of God"
S4 Fri 7th 3.30 pm IWC10-C2b  $9 Robyn Whittle "Cultivating A Prophetic Atmosphere"
S5 Fri 7th 7.30 pm IWC10-D3  $25
IWC10-C3a  $9 Robyn Whittle "Pushing Through"
S6 Sat 8th 9.00 am IWC10-C3b  $9 Kim Walker-Smith "Honour"
S7 Sat 8th 1.30 pm IWC10-D4  $25 IWC10-C4a  $9 Ian Johnson "The Ibex & The Ways Of God"
S8 Sat 8th 3.30 pm IWC10-C4b  $9 Ian Johnson "Love-sick Saints"
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