The Gospel Faith Messenger Ministry
11 & 12 JULY 2008
John Fergusson
John has been holding Schools of Healing throughout the world for the last six years, and has seen tens of thousands trained to heal the sick, as well as thousands of people healed. Dramatic miracles have happened under the hands of total beginners. Founder of JF Ministries and former International Crusade Director with Reinhard Bonnke, he has a clear direct style designed to encourage the ordinary believer. In 2006, John and his wife, Bron, lived for 6 months in Rwanda and fell in love with Africa! Rodney has taught in many nations of the world, and is recognized as having an Apostolic-Prophetic ministry. He is the  Founder/Director  of "The Gospel Faith Messenger" Ministry.
Rodney Francis
Friday 11 July 2008
GFM08-D1  $25
GFM08-C1a  $9
Rodney Francis
"The Challenge Of Divine Healing"
GFM08-C1b  $9
John Fergusson
"The Mystery Of The Power Of Words"
GFM08-C1c  $9
John Fergusson
"The Mystery Of Healing Authority"
GFM08-D2  $25
GFM08-C2a  $9
Rodney Francis
"Discerning Physical Needs"
GFM08-C2b  $9
John Fergusson
"The Mystery Of Miracles"
GFM08-C2c  $9
John & Rodney
"Q & A Session"
GFM08-D3  $25
GFM08-C3  $9
John Fergusson
"The Mystery Of Faith"
  Saturday 12 July 2008
GFM08-D4  $25
GFM08-C4a  $9
Rodney Francis
"Perception In The Healing Ministry"
GFM08-C4b  $9
John Fergusson
"The Mystery of Roots" Part 1
GFM08-C4c  $9
John Fergusson
"The Mystery of Roots" Part 2
GFM08-D5  $25
GFM08-C5  $9
John & Rodney
"Wrap-up & Testimonies"
Set of 11 CDs  $65
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