at Tamaki CLC, Auckland 17 - 20 October 2007
Pastor Andrew Corson

Andrew Corson is a second-generation missionary to Colombia. He now pastors a large church in Colombia where G12 Cells have revolutionised church growth.

Wednesday 17th October 2003
G1207-D1  $25
G1207-C1  $9
"Our Journey - Prayer" Andrew Corson
G1207-D2  $25
G1207-C2  $9
"Our Journey - G12" Andrew Corson
G1207-D3  $25
G1207-C3  $9
"Vision & Mission" Andrew Corson
Thursday 18th October 2003
G1207-D4  $25
G1207-C4  $9
"Hindrances To Building Character" Andrew Corson
G1207-D5  $25
G1207-C5  $9
"The Heart Of A Leader - David" Andrew Corson
G1207-D6  $25
G1207-C6  $9
"Inner Healing" Andrew Corson
G1207-D7  $25
G1207-C7  $9
"The Heart Of The Pastor" Andrew Corson
Friday 19th October 2003
G1207-D8  $25
G1207-C8  $9
"Freedom From Debt" Andrew Corson
G1207-D9  $25
G1207-C9  $9
"Restoring A Pastor"
Graham Davison
G1207-D10  $25
G1207-C10  $9
"Watchmen On The Wall" Andrew Corson
G1207-D11  $25
G1207-C11  $9
"Principles Of Fruitfulness" Andrew Corson
Saturday 20th October 2003
G1207-D12  $25
G1207-C12  $9
"Discipleship" Matthew Davison
G1207-D13  $25
G1207-C13  $9
"Choices & Decisions" Andrew Corson
G1207-D14  $25
G1207-C14  $9
"The Presence Of The Lord" Andrew Corson
Set of 14 DVDs  $250
Set of 14 CDs  $80
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