Cesar & Claudia Fajardo,
Michael & Valery Murphy
at His International Ministry (formerly Tamaki CLC), Auckland, 16th - 19th August 2006
Cesar Fajardo
Claudia Fajardo
Michael Murphy
Valery Murphy
Graham Davison
Cesar & Claudia Fajardo have led one of South America's biggest youth ministries at the International Charismatic Mission (MCI) Bogota. They are both powerful teachers of the Cell Church based on the Principle of 12. Claudia also teaches on Consolidation as a means of caring for new believers and stopping the trend that sees many leave the Church and is the author of a number of books on the subject.
Michael and Valery Murphy are senior pastors of Shire Christian Centre in Sydney Australia. Shire is a healthy and growing church with a vision to dynamically impact and influence greater southern Sydney and the world for good and for God.
As a cell based church they are committed to training and releasing hundreds of leaders each year who will oversee the rapidly multiplying number of small groups across greater Southern Sydney

Graham Davison is the pastor of Tamaki Christian Life Centre in Auckland, New Zealand. He has a vision to see G12 Cells expand his church and other churches thruought the country.
(Except #5, #7, & #13 English only, #10 English to Spanish)
Wednesday 16th August 2006
G1206-D1  $25
G1206-C1  $9
Cesar Fajardo
"Restored For God's Glory"
G1206-D2  $25
G1206-C2  $9
Claudia Fajardo
"Responding To God"
G1206-D3  $25
G1206-C3  $9
Cesar Fajardo
"The Key That Activates The Anointing"
Thursday 17th August 2006
G1206-D4  $25
G1206-C4  $9
Claudia Fajardo
"Prayer That Brings An Answer"
G1206-D5  $25
G1206-C5  $9
Michael Murphy
"A Sound From Heaven"
G1206-D6  $25
G1206-C6  $8
Cesar Fajardo
"The Ministry That Moves Forward"
G1206-D7  $25
G1206-C7  $9
Michael Murphy
"The Value Of The Gospel"
Friday 18th August 2006
G1206-D8  $25
G1206-C8  $9
Cesar Fajardo
"Innovating Our Lives & Ministry"
G1206-D9  $25
G1206-C9  $9
Claudia Fajardo
"Training Leaders In The Vision"
G1206-D10  $25
G1206-C10  $9
Michael Murphy
Valery Murphy
"Valuing The Presence Of God"
"Valuing Your Leader"
G1206-D11  $25
G1206-C11  $9
Claudia Fajardo
"Towards A New Dimension"
Saturday 19th August 2006
G1206-D12  $25
G1206-C12  $9
Claudia Fajardo
"7 Aspects Of Cell Groups"
G1206-D13  $25
G1206-C13  $9
Graham Davison
"Values Of The Vision"
G1206-D14  $25
G1206-C14  $9
Cesar Fajardo
"Your Dreams Will Establish Your Future"
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Set of 14  $80
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