Kevin & Margaret Peat
Hamilton City Elim Church, Easter - 18th to 20th April 2003
The purpose of this Easter Conference is to help you find a place of love, healing, forgiveness and acceptance from the heart of God the Father. There are inspiring and challenging testimonies and messages, as well as times spent in worship and ministering to people's needs.

Kevin Peat

Margaret Peat

Bob Lawson

Margaret Lawson
Kevin & Margaret Peat from an Elim Church in Glasgow have had their lives radically changed by their encounter with God mainly through John and Carol Arnott's ministry at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship and through the move of God that has been moving through the UK and the world from 1994 onwards. Bob and Margaret Lawson pastor the Hamilton City Elim Church, and have led other churches in New Zealand for many years with a refreshing emphasis on God's grace, love, and the raising of leaders.

Friday 18th April
FH03-D1  $25
FH03-C1a  $9
Bob Lawson
"The Fragrance Of Christ"
FH03-C1b  $9
Kevin Peat
"The Place Of Freedom"
FH03-C1c  $9
Margaret Peat
"The Place Of Truth"
FH03-D2  $25
FH03-C2  $9
Kevin Peat
"The Place Of Forgiveness"
Saturday 19th April
FH03-D3  $25
FH03-C3a  $9
Margaret Lawson
"God Is Going To Change Things For You"
FH03-C3b  $9
Kevin Peat
"Testimonies & Journaling"
FH03-D4  $25
FH03-C4  $9
Kevin Peat
"The Place Of Intimacy"
Sunday 20th April
FH03-D5  $25
FH03-C5  $9
Margaret Peat
"You Are Special"
Kevin Peat
"The Place Of Release"
FH03-D6  $25
FH03-C6  $9
Kevin Peat
"The Place Of Challenge"
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