at Hamilton, 2 – 5 June 2017
Speakers: Danny & Tracy Smith,  Steve Dunne

Danny & Tracy Smith

Steve Dunne
Danny, originally from Scotland, was radically saved at 21 from a lifestyle of drug and alcohol addiction. After attending bible college, Danny travelled extensively in ministry. He has a teaching gift and greatly enjoys helping others gain a greater understanding of God’s word.
Tracy grew up in Australia and New Zealand. Her parents split up when she was 5 and riddled with rejection she went on to became a rebellious teenager. She came to faith in Switzerland when she was 21. She has a passionate down-to-earth communication style with a contagious sense of humour.
The two met in Scotland and Danny proposed on their first date. They moved to NZ in 2001 and live in Whakatane, where they have a preaching and teaching ministry. Both enjoy ministering prophetically.

Steve met his wife Emma in a Hell’s Angel’s bar, she fancied him because he was the lead singer in a post punk rock band. They decided to roam North America together, where somebody was brave enough to tell them both about JESUS.
After Steve studied to obtain a degree in Theology, they travelled to several nations to share the news of the Father's love.
They arrived in New Zealand in 2004 and they presently live in Nelson.
They have founded a charity (Jeremiah Trust) which helps women with unwanted pregnancies to consider Adoption instead of Abortion for their child.
Steve is presently running a painting company in Auckland, employing and working among refugees and asylum seekers. They have been married for 25 years and have 8 children.

Friday 2 June

FGB17-D1  $20

FGB17-C1a  $9 Men's Seminar FGBMFI Men a. “FGBMFI  Men’s Voice”
FGB17-C1b  $9 Men's Seminar Danny Smith
b. “Identity In Christ” Part 1
FGB17-D2  $20 FGB17-C2  $9 Ladies Meeting Tracy Smith “Inherit Promises Through Faith & Patience”
FGB17-D3  $20 FGB17-C3  $9 Banquet Meeting
Steve Dunne
“My Story”
Saturday 3 June
FGB17-D4  $20 FGB17-C4  $9 Testimony Breakfast Danny Smith “Identity In Christ” Part 2
FGB17-D5  $20 FGB17-C5  $9 Ladies Seminar Tracy Smith “Jesus, The Fountain Of Life”
FGB17-D6  $20 FGB17-C6  $9
Men's Seminar
Steve Dunne “Radical Islam – Radical Christianity”
FGB17-D7  $20 FGB17-C7  $9 Public Meeting Danny Smith “His Grace To Be You”
Sunday 4 June
FGB17-D8  $20
FGB17-C8  $9 Teaching Session 1 Steve Dunne “Perilous And Glorious Times”
FGB17-D9  $20 FGB17-C9  $9 Teaching Session 2 Steve Dunne “Repentance”
FGB17-D10  $20 FGB17-C10  $9 Public Meeting Steve Dunne “The Fire Of God”
Monday 5 June
FGB17-D11  $20 FGB17-C11  $9 Testimony Breakfast Danny Smith
"Prayer & Intimacy With God"
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