Napier,  29 May – 1 June 2015
Speakers: Bill & Kaylene Subritzky, and Jimmy & Ruth Njino

Jimmy and Ruth Njino
  Jimmy has been preaching the Gospel from the age of 11. At 16 after preaching at a church in downtown Nairobi, Kenya, God began to open doors as invitations began to pour in from all corners of Kenya, then from around the world. The focus of this ministry is to reach the lost and equip the saints for the work of the ministry. His powerful ministry is followed by healings, signs and wonders.
More recently Jimmy has been pastoring a church in Toowoomba, Australia. His wife, Ruth, from Malaysia, is an accomplished musician and worship leader.
Bill Subritzky
  For 44 years Bill has had an international world-wide ministry of evangelism, healing, deliverance & teaching.
  He has written 14 books including best-sellers such as “Demons Defeated” and “Receiving the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.”
Kaylene Subritzky
  Kaylene has an amazing personal testimony having come to the Lord 10 years ago. She was married to Bill 3 years ago and works with him closely in ministry. She is a gifted speaker and deputy director of Charisma Christian Ministries. She has an anointed evangelistic ministry and ministers strongly in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Friday 29 May

FGB15-D1  $20

FGB15-C1a  $9 Men's Seminar FGBMFI Men a. “FGBMFI  Men’s Voice”
FGB15-C1b  $9 Men's Seminar Jimmy Njino
b. “Living In The Joy Of The Lord"
FGB15-D2  $20 FGB15-C2  $9 Ladies Meeting Kaylene Subritzky
FGB15-D3  $20 FGB15-C3  $9 Banquet Meeting
Bill Subritzky
“The Bill Subritzky Story"
Saturday 30 May
FGB15-D4  $20 FGB15-C4  $9 Testimony Breakfast Kaylene Subritzky “Relationship With Jesus"
FGB15-D5  $20 FGB15-C5  $9 Ladies Seminar Kaylene Subritzky “Esther"
FGB15-D6  $20 FGB15-C6a  $9 Men's Seminar
Bill Subritzky "How To Break Curses"
Afternoon & evening testimonies
FGB15-D7  $20 FGB15-C7  $9 Public Meeting Jimmy Njino “Navigate The Negativity: Steps To Revival"
Sunday 31 May
FGB15-D8  $20
FGB15-C8  $9 Teaching Session 1 Bill Subritzky “The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit"
FGB15-D9  $20 FGB15-C9  $9 Teaching Session 2 Jimmy Njino “Spiritual Attack: Respond Or React"
FGB15-D10  $20 FGB15-C10  $9 Public Meeting Bill Subritzky “God's Plan For Our Lives"
Monday 1 June
FGB15-D11  $20 FGB15-C11  $9 Testimony Breakfast Jimmy & Ruth Njino “Divine Encounters"
Set of 12 CDs  $70
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