Rotorua,  30 May – 2 June 2014
Speakers: Craig Marsh, Greg & Sue Biddell

Craig Marsh
  Craig was seriously ill, barely able to eat and slowly dying of cancer when God completely healed him on May 4, 1999. Recreating his stomach that had been largely removed by surgery. This is a most powerful testimony of God's healing power that everybody should hear.
   God has moved Craig and his wife, Jenni, into a global healing ministry. They now travel the world and see God manifest His glory and power.
Greg Biddell
  Greg had a limited education because of sickness and lost the ability to speak. Speech therapy soon gave up on him. He then attended Bible School but they suggested that he leaves Bible School, for everybody's sake.
   Since that time he has never given up! In business he has commenced eight different companies successfully. Greg was born again under the ministry of Oral Roberts in 1956 when he was just eight years old.
   They have been married since 1967 and have ministered together as Missionaries, Pastors and in Itinerant Ministry.
Sue Biddell
   An elderly man, laying on his death bed in Western Australia, awoke from a coma and spoke to his pastor. He said that the Lord was in the room and had asked him to give the pastor a message. "There's a young girl by the name of Sue Jordan living in South Australia, who I have called to ministry. Find her and invite her to Perth to attend Bible School." Upon relaying this message, the old man passed away. Sue was located and is still serving the Lord today.
   Drawing from nearly fifty years personal experience of walking with the Lord, Sue shares and ministers to ladies. She encourages and instructs them to never give up on marriage, family, children or ministry and how to walk in the grace, peace and love of God.

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Friday 30 May

FGB14-D1  $10

Men's Seminar FGBMFI Men a. “FGB Men’s Voice”
listen free
Men's Seminar Greg Biddell
b. “Bless And Do Not Curse” watch free listen free
FGB14-D2  $10 Ladies Meeting Sue Biddell “He That Wins Souls Is Wise” watch free listen free
FGB14-D3  $10 Banquet Meeting
Craig Marsh
“Position Yourself For A Miracle” watch free listen free
Saturday 31 May
FGB14-D4  $10 Testimony Breakfast Sue Biddell “Abba Father” watch free listen free
FGB14-D5  $10 Ladies Seminar Sue Biddell “Jesus Healed Them All”
watch free listen free
FGB14-D6  $10 Men's Seminar a
Keith Wooderson "Working Together For The Glory Of God"
listen free
Men's Seminar b Craig Marsh “Recognising The Enemy” watch free listen free
FGB14-D7  $10 Public Meeting Greg Biddell “The God-Kind Of Health”
watch free listen free
John Wagstaff
"A Touch Of The Father's Love"
watch free
Sunday 1 June
FGB14-D8  $10
Teaching Session 1 Craig Marsh “The Power Of Anticipation”
watch free listen free
FGB14-D9  $10 Teaching Session 2 Greg Biddell “Occupy Till He Comes”
watch free listen free
FGB14-D10  $10 Public Meeting Craig Marsh “The Shape Of Answered Prayer”
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Monday 2 June
FGB14-D11  $10 Testimony Breakfast Greg Biddell
“The Power Of The Word Of Knowledge”
watch free listen free
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