Christchurch,  31 May – 3 June 2013
Speakers: Kul Bal, Seth Fawcet & Beth Inglis

Kul Bal was born in Malaysia with ancestors hailing from North India. Prior to moving to Scotland, Kul lived in Malaysia. In Scotland, he resigned from a well-paying job as an engineer on an oil rig to complete a degree in electronics. He met & married his Scottish wife, Elaine. Kul  moved to Melbourne 11 years ago.
He practised Sikhism and Hinduism all his life until he had a personal encounter with Jesus Himself (what he calls as a “Damascus Road Experience”). Soon after that, he found himself giving up his well-paying occupation  to honour the Lord's call to serve HIM!
Seth Fawcet is from Wellington and has served as Senior Pastor since 1996. He has a remarkable ability to reach people through his compassion, love and wonderful sense of humour. Seth is powerfully anointed and moves with the fire of God. Many lives have been healed, transformed and set free through his ministry.
Beth Inglis' prophetic giftings and insight, together with her counselling abilities, have enabled her to walk beside "rich men" in their misery and the destitute in the "gutters of life". Beth shares a powerful testimony of how the Lord helped her escape years of torment at the gates of death and hell.

Friday 31 May
FGB13-D1  $20 FGB13-C1  $9 Men's Seminar Kul Bal
“Expect Something More”
FGB13-D2  $20 FGB13-C2  $9 Banquet Meeting
Seth Fawcet
"An Expectation For Change”
Saturday 1 June
FGB13-D3  $20 FGB13-C3  $9 Testimony Breakfast Beth Inglis
"From Religion To Relationship”
FGB13-D4  $20 FGB13-C4  $9 Men's Seminar Seth Fawcet
Pleasing The Holy Spirit”
FGB13-D5  $20 FGB13-C5  $9 Public Meeting Kul Bal "Don’t Block The Holy Spirit”
Sunday 2 June
FGB13-D6  $20
FGB13-C6  $9 Teaching Session 1 Seth Fawcet
"The Traders Of God’s Kingdom”
FGB13-D7  $20 FGB13-C7  $9 Teaching Session 2 Kul Bal
"The Fellowship Of The Unashamed”
FGB13-D8  $20 FGB13-C8  $9 Public Meeting Seth Fawcet
"God Restores Your Joy”
Monday 3 June
FGB13-D9  $20 FGB13-C9  $9 Testimony Breakfast Kul Bal
"It’s Not About Money, It’s About Giving”
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