Auckland,  1 - 4 June 2012
Speakers: Brian France, Gary Raymond, Cecily Hill

Brian France
Brian grew up in London, England and joined the Royal Air Force at the age of 16 and served for 15 years, rising to the rank of Flight Lieutenant. Brian served in anti-terrorist roles and was invalided out of the RAF Regiment having been blown up by a terrorist's bomb in Northern Ireland. He spent the next three years profoundly deaf and with the shrapnel in his legs causing pain as he walked. Prayed for by a group of Christians his hearing was restored and the pain taken from his legs. God's healing power has meant that Brian is again able to function normally. He did his theological training and functioned as a parish minister in rural and city environments. His present ministry is now focusing on restoring New Testament Christianity to the body of Christ. In the past 18 months Brian ministered throughout New Zealand and also overseas .
Gary Raymond
One of Australia's toughest, most respected policemen, is a 'hands-on' law enforcer. His familiar profile on the streets has led people to call him the 'Sheriff of Cabramatta.' He was a success, becoming part of an elite Police Rescue team that most only dream about joining. He felt superior and proud and didn't need God. He had years of Christian teaching at Sunday school, but never any commitment. One day he realised that his life was in a mess and even contemplated suicide, ironically he was a 'suicide negotiator,' . His marriage was destroyed and he was drinking heavily. But at the point of desperation, he met Jesus, his maker and his life was miraculously transformed.
Gary shared many stories of how victims and perpetrators  found Jesus through the ministry of this Compassionate Cop.
Cecily Hill
Cecily has a powerful testimony of her conversion and life in Christ here in New Zealand and overseas, including India. She travels widely to speak at churches, women’s conferences, conventions and anywhere there is an opportunity to preach the Gospel, allowing the Holy Spirit to save, deliver, heal and restore people.

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Friday 1 June

FGB12-D1  $10

Men's Seminar FGBMFI Men a. “FGB Men’s Voice” watch free
listen free
Men's Seminar Brian France b. “Equipping God’s People” watch free listen free
FGB12-D2  $10 Ladies Meeting Cecily Hill “Identity” watch free listen free
FGB12-D3  $10 Banquet Meeting
Gary Raymond
“Jesus Rescues The Rescuer” watch free listen free
Saturday 2 June
FGB12-D4  $10 Testimony Breakfast Brian France “From Bomb Blast To Believer” watch free listen free
FGB12-D5  $10 Ladies Seminar Cecily Hill “Boldness”
watch free listen free
FGB12-D6  $10.
Men's Seminar Rod Winter a. “Time To Step Out Of The Boat” watch free listen free
Men's Seminar Gary Raymond b. “Men Of Courage & Love” watch free listen free
FGB12-D7  $10 Public Meeting Brian France “Words Of Knowledge”
watch free listen free
Sunday 3 June
FGB12-D8  $10
Teaching Session 1 Gary Raymond “Messes To Miracles”
watch free listen free
FGB12-D9  $10 Teaching Session 2 Brian France “Your Power & Authority In Christ”
watch free listen free
FGB12-D10  $10 Public Meeting Gary Raymond “The Prompting Of The Holy Spirit”
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Monday 4 June
FGB12-D11  $10 Testimony Breakfast Dinko Miocevich
“A Blessed Man”
watch free
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Geoff Winter “Ministering The Kingdom” watch free
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