Invercargill,  4 - 7 June 2010
Speakers: Don McDonell, Rod Winter, June Howie

Don McDonell 
   Don is married to Julia and has four children.  He became the Melbourne Harvest Bible College student of the decade in 1987, as recognition for his contribution towards the restoration of the Kingdom of God.
   Don is an evangelist/pastor, He has pioneered church building in South Auckland and Albany. In Fiji he was recognised for his work in prison ministry. Don is also a Past President of the Whangarei chapter. The miracles keep on happening and Don is the living proof of God's mercy and grace.
   Since his conversion he has travelled the earth as an evangelist sharing his amazing story and the principles of positivity with all he meets.
Rod Winter
  Rod spent his early years on a farming property in South Australia and after a serious accident and major illness moved to Adelaide at 21 years of age.
   The next 14 years were spent working in the transport industry.  After receiving Christ, 25 years ago and a miraculous healing, Rod then established his own Financial Planning business.  Today the practice employs four staff and services 1000 clients across Australia.
    He is currently the National Vice President of  FGBMFI Australia and has been actively involved with this Fellowship for over 20 years, having established many new Chapters.
    Rod has also been involved extensively in mission works in Sudan, Kenya and Uganda.  He has been happily married to Lorna for 35 years and has three grown up children.
June Howie
  June  and her husband Rowan are from Dunedin.  They have 2 adult children and 4 grandchildren.  Her life was radically transformed over 25 years ago when she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour, followed by 'Life in the Spirit Seminar' where she was baptised in the Holy Spirit.
  From those early days she has been a popular speaker at many places throughout New Zealand, including personal ministry within her home, such as inner healing and deliverance resulting in wonderful miracles of God's healing power.
    She loves to be used in the area of impartation and teaching on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit for  a deep, personal relationship with Jesus.

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Friday 4 June

FGB10-D1  $10

Men's Seminar FGBMFI Men “FGB Men’s Voice” watch free
listen free
Men's Seminar Don McDonell “Be Imitators Of God” watch free listen free
Men's Seminar Jack Winter
"A Winning Team"
watch free
listen free
FGB10-D2  $10 Ladies Meeting June Howie “Journey To Wholeness” watch free listen free
FGB10-D3  $10 Banquet Meeting
Don McDonell
“Not Ashamed Of The Gospel” watch free listen free
Saturday 5 June
FGB10-D4  $10 Testimony Breakfast Rod Winter “Radical For Jesus” watch free listen free
FGB10-D5  $10 Ladies Seminar June Howie “Breaking Soul Ties” watch free listen free
FGB10-D6  $10 Men's Seminar Don McDonell
a. “Living With Your Eyebrows Up”
watch free listen free
Rod Winter b. “Knowing Your Calling” watch free
listen free
FGB10-D7  $10 Public Meeting Don McDonell “Let God Arise” watch free listen free
Sunday 6 June
FGB10-D8  $10
Teaching Session 1 Don McDonell “There’s More!!” watch free listen free
FGB10-D9  $10 Teaching Session 2 Rod Winter “Market Place Ministry” watch free listen free
FGB10-D10  $10 Public Meeting Rod Winter “Achieving Full Potential” watch free listen free
Monday 7 June
FGB10-D11  $10 Testimony Breakfast Noel Morris
a. “FGBMFI In Japan”
watch free listen free
Alex Moody b. “The Swing Bridge” watch free
listen free
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