Khoo Oon Theam, Rodney Francis, Brenda Parshotam
at Queenstown on Queen's Birthday weekend 3rd - 6th June 2005
Khoo Oon Theam
Rodney Francis
Brenda Parshotam
Khoo Oon Theam is a third generation Christian from a family of missionaries and pastors. Upon receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, he was led to do the work of the FGBMFI, serving under the Founder Demos Shakarian for many years as International Vice-President and President for Asia and Singapore. Recalled to dig up "old wells", he currently serves as National President for FGBMFI Singapore and Chairman of the Asian Council FGBMFI/BMFI. He is the Founder-President of an international management consultancy firm, OTi Consulting, specializing in Total Organization Renewal with hub offices in Asia and Middle East. He attends the Full Gospel Assembly, a local church in Singapore where he was the Elder-Chairman until recently he stepped down to concentrate on the marketplace ministry. Rodney Francis was converted in 1959 at 17 years of age into an Independent Pentecostal Church. He is the Founder/Director of the "Gospel Faith Messenger", a literature teaching Ministry that has been developed to bring individuals to personal faith in Jesus Christ, instruct them in the foundations of the Christian faith and to equip them to repeat the process. In 1986 he became an ordained minister. He resigned at the end of 1999 to become fully involved and focussed in the GFM Ministry. Rodney has a number of Timothy's in the full-time ministry, both in New Zealand and overseas. His heart is to see others equipped with the love of God, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and a passion to release the reality of Jesus into live of others. Today he is released to minister in the wider Body of Christ worldwide. Brenda Parshotam is the Founder and a Trustee of Life Impact Trust, an organisation having one of its aims to combine biblical wisdom with marketplace excellence. Prior to activating her vision through Life Impact Brenda was the New Zealand Human Resources Director for a large multinational company, serving on that company's worldwide Human Resources Management Team and assisting in the design and delivery of global HR initiatives. Recently Brenda has been involved in leading strategic prayer sessions in businesses with dramatic, literal overnight results - signs of the power of God being poured out on business and business people as they lift the Name of Jesus high in the marketplace.
Friday 3rd June
FGB05-D1  $20
FGB05-C1  $9
Ian Tulloch
Brenda Parshotam
"God's Truck Racer"
"I Believe I Can Fly"
FGB05-D2  $20
FGB05-C2  $9
Brenda Parshotam
"A Woman Of Strength & Power"
FGB05-D3  $20
FGB05-C3  $9
Khoo Oon Theam
"Leadership At Every Level"
Saturday 4th June
FGB05-D4  $20
FGB05-C4  $9
Brenda Parshotam
"Ministry In The Marketplace"
FGB05-D5  $20
FGB05-C5  $9
Dunn, Eagle, Storey
"Men's Seminar 1"
FGB05-D6  $20
FGB05-C6  $9
Brenda Parshotam
"From Negativity To Productivity"
FGB05-D7  $20
FGB05-C7a  $9
Rodney Francis
"The Voice Of God Determines Your Destiny"
FGB05-C7b  $9
Khoo Oon Theam
"Our Calling In The Marketplace Ministry"
FGB05-D8  $20
FGB05-C8  $9
Brenda Parshotam
"Jesus - The Man Who Is Different"
FGB05-D9  $20
FGB05-C9  $9
Rodney Francis
"God Speaks In Many Different Ways"
Sunday 5th June
QBC05-D1  $20
QBC05-C1  $9
Rodney Francis
"Loving God, Loving People"
The above message was the Sunday morning service of Queenstown Baptist Church, and not an official FGBMFI meeting.
FGB05-D10  $20
FGB05-C10  $9
Khoo Oon Theam
"Servant Leadership In The Marketplace"
FGB05-D11  $20
FGB05-C11  $9
Rodney Francis
"Practical Applications For Spiritual Gifts"
FGB05-D12  $20
FGB05-C12  $9
Khoo Oon Theam
"The Baptism Of Fire"
Monday 6th June
FGB05-D13  $20
FGB05-C13a  $9
Rodney Francis
"Keys To The Double Anointing"
FGB05-C13b  $9
Khoo Oon Theam
"Blueprints & Footprints For Your Life"
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