Prof. Roy Peacock, Duncan Graham, & Cecily Stoneham
at Auckland on Queen's Birthday weekend 4th - 7th June 2004
Professor Peacock holds a Chair in Aerospace Sciences at the University of Pisa and is Chief Executive of Thermodyne, a high technology company working in the gas turbine field. As a consultant, he has advised many government bodies and industrial companies. It was while at Cambridge that Roy, as an atheist, was faced with the Christian challenge, watching his wife yield her life to the Lord. Within a few hours, he also experienced a personal conversion and meeting point with Jesus Christ. This has led to a global ministry of teaching the Word of God, seeing lives changed and healed. Roy has ministered on every continent of the world. Roy is author of numerous scientific papers and Christian books, principally, "Foolish to be Wise", an autobiography, and "A Brief History of Eternity".Elizabeth and Roy have three children. Duncan was born and educated in Edinburgh, Scotland before emigrating with his family to Australia in 1958 and then to New Zealand in 1960. He worked as a Banker before being called to the ministry in 1965. He trained at Trinity Methodist Theological College, Auckland NZ. In 1969 he married Lynda, a New Zealander who had also received a call to ministry. They began Parish Ministry together in 1970, spending 26 years in Pastoral work with Methodist and Pentecostal Churches, prior to establishing the Isaac Foundation. They have a strong prophetic call and awareness of the work of the Holy Spirit and wish to embrace and nurture this move nationally and internationally. They have 5 children and a growing clan of grandchildren. Through the many years of ministry together, Duncan and Lynda have had the privilege of seeing many lives changed, restored, and made whole. Cecily has a powerful testimony of her conversion and life in Christ here in New Zealand and overseas, including India. She is co-pastoring a church in West Auckland and travels widely to speak at churches, women's conferences, conventions and anywhere there is an opportunity to preach the Gospel, allowing the Holy Spirit to save, deliver, heal and restore people.

Friday 4th June
FGB04-D1  $20
FGB04-C1  $9
Cecily Stoneham
"Psalm 23"
FGB04-D2  $20
FGB04-C2  $9
Roy Peacock
"A Nobody From Nowhere"
Saturday 5th June
FGB04-D3  $20
FGB04-C3  $9
Cecily Stoneham
"Don't Give Up!"
FGB04-D4  $20
FGB04-C4  $9
G Eagle
"Biblical Principles In Business"
A Storey
"A Story Of Membership"
FGB04-D5  $20
FGB04-C5  $9
Cecily Stoneham
"Don't Believe The Lie"
FGB04-D6  $20
FGB04-C6a  $9
Barry Magee
"Men's Health"
Duncan Graham
"Out Of The Lie Into The Truth"
FGB04-C6b  $9
Roy Peacock
"From Inadequacy To Destiny"
FGB04-D7  $20
FGB04-C7  $9
Cecily Stoneham
"Leah: The Process"
FGB04-D8  $20
FGB04-C8  $9
Duncan Graham
"Overcoming Your Past"
Sunday 6th June
FGB04-D9  $20
FGB04-C9  $9
Roy Peacock
"Destiny For The Church"
FGB04-D10  $20
FGB04-C10  $9
Duncan Graham
"Believing The Lie"
FGB04-D11  $20
FGB04-C11  $9
Roy Peacock
"Your Destiny"
Monday 7th June
FGB04-D12  $20
FGB04-C12a  $9
Duncan Graham
FGB04-C12b  $9
Roy Peacock
"Closer & Deeper With Jesus"
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