National Convention 2003 at Palmerston North
Queen's Birthday weekend May 30 - June 2nd

Rod Wilson

Andrew Kubala

Sally Cowie
Rod Wilson (White Eagle) is a Cherokee Indian who is currently working with YWAM in New Zealand. He dressed in Indian attire to give this message.
Rod and his wife Alexis have ministered in many countries including establishing a substantial work in Kenya.
At 13 Andrew Kubala was diagnosed with leukemia and spent 5 years in and out of hospitals. Thought a bone marrow transplant and much prayer, he has been free from cancer ever since.
Andrew has become an inspiring youth leader with a powerful ministry of healing and evangelism.
Sally Cowie has been in children's ministry for 27 years in NZ and overseas. After the death of her husband in 1991, her life and ministry changed radically.
Sally is now a prophetic preacher with a ministry to the hurting, the broken, the sick and those bound by demons.

FGB03-D1  $20
FGB03-C1a  $9
Men's Seminar
Rod Wilson
"Five Attributes Of Honour "
FGB03-C1b  $9
Men's Seminar
Andrew Kubala
"Measuring The Days Of Your Life"
FGB03-D2  $20
FGB03-C2  $9
Ladies' Meeting
Sally Cowie
"Becoming A Good Receiver"
FGB03-D3  $20
FGB03-C3  $9
Rod Wilson
"You Shall Receive Power"
FGB03-D4  $20
FGB03-C4  $9
Andrew Kubala
"Hearing The Voice Of God"
FGB03-D5  $20
FGB03-C5  $9
Ladies Seminar 1
Sally Cowie
"Are You Martha Or Mary?"
FGB03-D6  $20
FGB03-C6  $9
Ladies Seminar 2
Sally Cowie
"Resolving Offences"
FGB03-D7  $20
FGB03-C7  $9
Public Meeting
Andrew Kubala
"When Angels Rejoice"
FGB03-D8  $20
FGB03-C8  $9
Teaching Session
Rod Wilson
"The Word Of The Lord"
FGB03-D10  $20
FGB03-C10  $9
Public Meeting
Rod Wilson
"The Man Jesus Christ"
FGB03-D11  $20
FGB03-C11  $9
Sally Cowie
"Are You Filled With The Spirit?"
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