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Graduation Service DVDs

Faith Bible College holds graduation services for students two times a year, in June and in November.
We have videos of most of these graduations from November 1999 until 2012 plus a few more.

November 2017
100th Graduation: "Into all the World"
FBC17-D100  $10 Free on YOUTUBE
November 2012 90th Graduation: "God's G.P.S."
FBC12-D90  $10 FBC12-D90N  $10
June 2012 89th Graduation: "The Salt & Light Taskforce" FBC12-D89  $10 FBC12-D89N  $10
November 2011 88th Graduation: "The Burning Ones" FBC11-D88  $10 FBC11-D88N  $10
June 2011 87th Graduation: "Relentless" FBC11-D87  $10 FBC11-D87N  $10
November 2010 86th Graduation: "On The Cutting Edge" FBC10-D86  $10 FBC10-D86N  $10
June 2010 85th Graduation: "Trailblazers" FBC10-D85  $10 FBC10-D85N  $10
November 2009 84th Graduation: "The Kingdom Unleashed" FBC09-D84  $10 FBC09-D84N  $10
June 2009 83rd Graduation: "What's in Your Hand?" FBC09-D83  $10 FBC09-D83N  $10
November 2008 Celebrating 40 Years of Faith Bible College FBC08-Anniv  $10 FBC08-AnnivN  $10
November 2008 82nd Graduation: "The Legacy of Faith" FBC08-D82  $10 FBC08-D82N  $10
June 2008 81st Graduation: "Faith in Action" FBC08-D81  $10 FBC08-D81N  $10
November 2007 80th Graduation: "Give Me This Mountain" FBC07-D80  $10 FBC07-D80N  $10
June 2007 79th Graduation: "Zeros to Heroes" FBC07-D79  $10 FBC07-D79N  $10
November 2006 78th Graduation: "Invasion" FBC06-D78  $10 FBC06-D78N  $10
June 2006 77th Graduation: "Bearing The Message 24/7" FBC06-D77  $10 FBC06-D77N  $10
November 2005 76th Graduation: "Mandate of Faith" FBC05-D76  $10 FBC05-D76N  $10
June 2005 75th Graduation: "Make Him Known – and All Shall Know Him!" FBC05-D75  $10 FBC05-D75N  $10
November 2004 74th Graduation:  "It's All About Jesus" FBC04-D74  $10 FBC04-D74N  $10
June 2004 73rd Graduation: "Arms Around The World"    n FBC04-D73  $10 FBC04-D73N  $10
June 2003 71st Graduation: "Salt and Light" FBC03-D71  $10 FBC03-D71N  $10
June 2002 69th Graduation: "The Beating Heart Of Mission" FBC02-D69  $10 FBC02-D69N  $10
November 2001 68th Graduation: "Prepare the Way of the Lord" FBC01-D68  $10 FBC01-D68N  $10
June 2001 67th Graduation: "Show Forth the Praises of the Lord" FBC01-D67  $10 FBC01-D67N  $10
November 2000 66th Graduation: "Forgetting What Lies Behind..." FBC00-D66  $10 FBC00-D66N  $10
June 2000 65th Graduation: "Between The Two Rainbows" FBC00-D65  $10 FBC00-D65N  $10
November 1999 64th Graduation: "Blessed to be a Blessing" FBC99-D64  $10 FBC99-D64N  $10
June 1987
40th Graduation: Poor Copy from VHS
FBC87-D40  $10 FBC87-D40N  $10
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