new dimensions
Elim Ministers' Conference
at Auckland, 11th to 13th September, 2001
Ed Delph
Kevin Peat
Margaret Peat
Clinton Kelleher
Jeannie Knott
The featured speaker, Ed Delph is currently the Senior Pastor of Hosanna Community Church in Peoria, Arizona USA.
Pastor Delph has traveled in over 140 countries and is a speaker for national and international conferences all over the world, and has been to NZ on several occasions. He also serves many churches in apostolic leadership, wisdom and influence.

Wednesday 12th September 2001
EL01-D1  $25
EL01-C1  $9
Ed Delph
"Greater Sacrifice, Greater Power"
EL01-C2  $9
Ed Delph
"From Charismatic To Apostolic"
EL01-D2  $25
EL01-C3  $9
Kevin Peat
"Breaking The Yoke Of Shame"
EL01-C4  $9
Clinton Kelleher
"G12 - Raising Leaders In Your Church"
EL01-D3  $25
EL01-C5  $9
Margaret Peat
"In The Year King Uzziah Died"
EL01-C6  $9
Jeannie Knott
"Initiatives In The Community"
EL01-D4  $25
EL01-C7  $9
Ed Delph
"The Corporate Anointing"
Thursday 13th September 2001
EL01-D5  $25
EL01-C8  $9
Kevin Peat
"The Orphan Spirit"
EL01-C9  $9
Ed Delph
"Vision And Government"
EL01-D6  $25
EL01-C10  $9
Kevin Peat
"Hearing From The Father's Heart"
EL01-D7  $25
EL01-C11  $9
Ed Delph
"Internal Strife Brings External Oppression"
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