Elim Ministers' Conference at Waikanae Christian Camp, 11th to 14th September, 2000
Sy Rogers
Art Sepulveda
John Glass
Wynne Lewis
Bob Lawson
Margaret Lawson
Sy Rogers has a dramatic personal testimony of overcoming homosexuality. He has been a pastor, missionary in Singapore, and a past President of Exodus International, a ministry to help the sexually broken. Art Sepulveda is a pastor from Hawaii, who is an inspirational speaker with challenging messages.
John Glass is the current leader of the Elim Churches in UK.
Wynne Lewis is the previous leader of the Elim Churches in UK.
At the time of this Conference, Bob Lawson was the Leader of the Elim Churches in New Zealand.

Presently Bob and his wife Margaret pastor the Hamilton City Elim Church.

EL00-D1  $25
EL00-C1  $9
Bob Lawson
"God Has A Passion For His Church"
John Glass
"My Yoke Is Easy"
EL00-D2  $25
EL00-C2  $9
Sy Rogers
"Fallen Leaders"
EL00-C3  $9
Sy Rogers
"Relapse Prevention"
EL00-D3  $25
EL00-C4  $9
Margaret Lawson
"Are You Called Or Are You Driven?"
EL00-D4  $25
EL00-C5  $9
Art Sepulveda
"A Vision For Multiplication"
EL00-D5  $25
EL00-C6  $9
John Glass
"We Need A Friend"
EL00-C7  $9
Art Sepulveda
"Dare To Cross The Line"
EL00-D6  $25
EL00-C9  $9
Sy Rogers
"Most Asked Questions About Sexuality"
EL00-D7  $25
EL00-C10  $9
Wynne Lewis
"Why Pray For Something You've Already Got?"
EL00-D8  $25
EL00-C11  $9
Art Sepulveda
"The Anointing To Live"
EL00-C12  $9
Wynne Lewis
"Enlarge My Expectations"
EL00-D9  $25
EL00-C13  $9
Sy Rogers
"Realistic Expectations"
EL00-C14  $9
Sy Rogers
"Redefining The Healing Community"
EL00-D10  $25
EL00-C15  $9
Art Sepulveda
"Stretching Your Faith"
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