Meetings in Tauranga with Missionary Statesman
Don Richardson
Essential teaching for anyone involved in Overseas Missions
Don Richardson
Canadian-born Don Richardson is a missionary statesman and best-selling author. Don served for 15 years among the Sawi of Irian Jaya, a Stone Age tribe of cannibal-headhunters who valued treachery as an ideal.  He designed an alphabet suited to their language, authored 19 primers, taught the tribesmen to read in their native tongue and translated the New Testament into Sawi.  More than half of the Sawi came to Christ.  His first book, PEACE CHILD, tells the dramatic story of how the Richardsons were able to communicate the Gospel to the Sawi. 

LORDS OF THE EARTH documents the trials of their colleagues among the Yali, another Irian Jaya tribe.  ETERNITY IN THEIR HEARTS, Don’s third book, presents case histories of the way God prepares cultures to receive the Gospel.  Don’s fourth book, SECRETS OF THE KORAN, enables readers to know the Koran better than many Muslims.

Since 1977 Don has served as “Minister-at-Large” for World Team.  He is an ordained pastor and holds an honorary doctorate of literature from Biola University.  He speaks at more than 40 missions conferences each year. This is his fourth visit to New Zealand, the previous was 11 years ago.

Don spoke at 3 venues in Tauranga: two days of in-depth lectures at Faith Bible College, a public evening at Otumoetai Baptist Church, then a Leaders' missions seminar at Elim Christian Centre. The messages at these last two venues are an overview of the longer teaching at Faith Bible College.

Footnote: Don Richardson went home to be with the Lord December 23, 2018.

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Teaching at Faith Bible College - "The Biblical Basis For Missions" 12 & 13 May 2009
DR09-D1  $10
a. "The Disciples’ Call To Missions"
b. "The Disciples’ Call To Missions"
watch free
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listen free
DR09-D2  $10
a. "Missions In The Old Testament"
"Missions In The Old Testament"
watch free listen free
listen free
DR09-D3  $10
a. "Jesus And The Gentiles"
"Jesus And The Gentiles"
watch free listen free
listen free
DR09-D4  $10
a. "What We Need To Know About Islam"
"What We Need To Know About Islam"
watch free listen free
listen free
Public Meeting at OBC (DR09-D5) and Missions Seminar at Elim (DR09-D6, D7) 13 & 14 May 2009
DR09-D5  $10
"Cultural Compasses" watch free listen free
DR09-D6  $10
"The Biblical Basis For Missions" watch free listen free
DR09-D7  $10
"What Does The Koran Say?" watch free listen free
"Q & A  About Missions" watch free listen free
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