17th to 20th April 2000

Dr Charles Kraft is Professor of Anthropology and Intercultural Communication at Fuller Theological Seminary, California.

These messages were given at a special Autumn Seminar on Missions at BCNZ in Henderson, Auckland

 Missions Seminar - Dr Kraft
CK00-V1  $25
CK00-C1  $9
"A Perspective On Worldview"
CK00-C2  $9
"Three Major Worldview Types"
CK00-V3  $25
CK00-C4  $9
"Dynamics Of Worldview Change"
CK00-C5  $9
"Theology & Worldview"
CK00-V4  $25
CK00-C6  $9
"Principles Of Communication"
CK00-C7  $9
"Communication: Receptors & Meanings"
CK00-V6  $25
CK00-C9  $9
"Incarnational Communication"
CK00-C10  $9
"Application Of The 3 Worldview Types"
Set of 4 DVDs  $80 Set of 8 CDs  $50   Prices for sets 
 Evening Meetings - Dr Kraft
CK00-V2  $25
CK00-C3  $9
"Christianity With Power"
CK00-V5  $25
CK00-C8  $9
"Spiritual Warfare"
 Missions Seminar - Mrs Margeurite Kraft
CK00-V7  $25
CK00-C11  $9
"Women In Missions"
CK00-C12  $9
"Cross-Cultural Women"
Set of 7 DVDs  $120 Set of 12 CDs  $70   Prices for sets
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