Art Katz
Art Katz is a man of prophetic stature who has an insatiable appetite for truth. As an atheistic American Jew, he met Jesus on a tramp ship in the Mediterranean Sea while reading the New Testament.
God has given Art a prophetic ministry which has often brought him into conflict with the established church. His insights into Israel's future are controversial but compelling, and his teaching will bring you closer to Jesus.

On June 28th 2007 Art Katz, one of the giants of the prophetic ministry,
passed on to be with his Maker.
Messages from Art Katz' visit to NZ in April 2005
11th April at Hillside Community Church, Auckland
13th to 16th April Prophetic School at Kawhatau
17th April am at Wellington South Baptist Church
17th April pm at Waikanae
Prophetic School at Kawahatau
AK05-D31  $25 AK05-C31  $9 "Knowing From Whence He Came" #1
AK05-C32  $9 "Knowing From Whence He Came" #2
AK05-D32  $25 AK05-C33  $9 "Growing Unto Sonship"
AK05-D33  $25 AK05-C34  $9 "Why Could We Not Cast It Out?" #1
AK05-C35   $9 "Why Could We Not Cast It Out?" #2
AK05-D34  $25 AK05-C36  $9 "Crucified With Christ"
AK05-D35  $25 AK05-C37  $9 "The Time Of Jacob's Trouble"
AK05-C38  $9 "The Universality Of The Cross"
AK05-D36  $25 AK05-C39  $9 "The Set Time To Favour Zion"
AK05-D37  $25 AK05-C40  $9 "God's Purpose For The Church" #1
AK05-C41  $9 "God's Purpose For The Church" #2
Set of 7 DVDs  $120 Set of 11 CDs  $65   Prices for sets
Auckland Meeting
AK05-D3  $25 AK05-C3  $9 "Gethsemane"
Wellington Meeting
AK05-D4  $25 AK05-C4  $9 "Final Challenge To The Church"
Waikanae Meeting
AK05-D5  $25 AK05-C5  $9 "The Core Of Prophetic & Apostolic Reality"
Set of all 10 DVDs  $180 Set of all 14 CDs  $80   Prices for sets
All Audio on USB Memory Stick
mp3 files for all 14 CD messages for $52
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