The Glorious Kingdom: In His Presence
Speakers: Graham Cooke & Gary & Sarah Morgan

in Auckland, 8 – 10 March 2018

Graham Cooke is a powerful, revelatory communicator with a radiant idea of Jesus, himself and the Kingdom of God. His life and ministry are marked by his delightful, intimate, and unreserved two-way friendship with the Lord. He is an author and publisher with 20 books to his name.
Originally from Manchester, England, Graham now lives in California with his wife, Theresa.

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Gary & Sarah Morgan are  Directors of the School of Prophets in Melbourne, Australia. They believe that Prayer, Praise and the Prophetic create atmospheres that host His Presence. Gary’s speaking and accurate prophetic ministry communicates straight to the heart with kindness, the intent and plans of Heaven. He brings wisdom and confirmation to those who seek God’s counsel.

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Thursday morning
AG18-D1  $10 Gary Morgan
“Planting, Producing & Prospering”
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Thursday evening
AG18-D2  $10 Graham Cooke “The New Man: Christ In You”
watch free
Friday morning
AG18-D3  $10 Graham Cooke “Your Identity In The Kingdom Of God” watch free
Friday afternoon AG18-D4  $10 Sarah Morgan (with Gary) “A Time To Thrive” watch free
Friday evening AG18-D5  $10 Gary Morgan
“Method For Our Mandate” watch free
Saturday morning
AG18-D6  $10 Graham Cooke “Living In The Favour Of God” watch free
Saturday afternoon AG18-D7  $10 Gary Morgan
“The Three Doors Of Transformation” watch free
Saturday evening
AG18-D8  $10 Graham Cooke “Practicing The Presence Of God” watch free
Gary Morgan Ministry time

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