The Wilson Home – The Legacy
75th anniversary of the founding of the Wilson Home - 20th - 22nd April 2012
This DVD brings a tribute and gratitude from some who benefited from this Garden Home
The Wilson Home – The Legacy
Over the sunny weekend of 20th to 22nd of April 2012 the Wilson Home in Takapuna held it’s 75th Jubilee. Edith Morris was among the 400 who attended the celebrations. This home for crippled children was opened in 1937 to care for the first small patients after the polio epidemics of 1935. Edith spent almost 4 years of her childhood there from 1946 to 1949.

Ex-patients, ex-staff, teachers, families and nurses gathered in the grounds of the Wilson Home to celebrate with tours around the gardens and buildings. The memory room, which was crowded most of the day, was filled with albums of old black and white photos, display boards, old prams and little walkers. We provided a display of photos, the Post Polio banner and pamphlets.

Former patients spoke of happy memories in spite of often difficult rehabilitation during their time at the Wilson Home.

People with polio came from Kaitaia, Opotiki, Hamilton, Christchurch and many from the Auckland area. Edith Morris represented polios nationwide with a short “thank you” presentation at the celebration dinner on Saturday evening, and again at Sunday’s Chapel service.
The Wilson Home Trust
The Wilson Home Trust was established in 1937 when Mr & Mrs W R Wilson gifted their family home, and 13 acres of magnificent coastal gardens at Takapuna, for the express benefit of children with disabilities.

The Wilsons had been inspired about the trends in treating children with polio and other crippling conditions and disabilities. The wide verandas were ideal for laying out those with infantile paralysis to benefit from the sun and sea breezes. During the 1940's, 1950's, and into the early 1960's, the Wilson Home was indeed a caring home for so many with polio.

Some lived there for several months and some for a number of years as their bodies recovered enough to enter school and society. The polio vaccines were introduced in the mid 1950's and the polio epidemics ceased in the early 1960's.

The Wilson home still operates today, meeting the special needs of hundreds of special children, but fortunately none with Polio.

An elegant little book on the 75 years’ history of the Wilson Home was launched, which included stories from polios, patients with Cerebral Palsy, bone TB and other conditions.

More about the Wilson Home here...

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The Wilson Home – The Legacy
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