Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME
Dr Ros Vallings was recently made a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for her work treating people with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Dr Vallings has been working in the area for 30 years and is excited recent research in the fields of immunology and genetics is shedding light on chronic fatigue syndrome and proving it is a real illness.

She works in a Howick general practice where 85 per cent of the patients she sees suffer from ME and CFS. Her patients are referred by GPs all over New Zealand.

In addition Dr Vallings serves on a subcommittee of IACFS/ME as the New Zealand ambassador which involves increasing the New Zealand membership, particularly from Doctors, GPs and other Health officials, and fostering international collaborations.

Dr Ros Vallings MNZM, MB BS

CFS-RV11  2018

1h 6m DVD  $10
1. “Report from the Invest in ME London Conference, 2018”
2. "Vitamin B12 and ME/CFS”
Dr Ros Vallings presentation focused on the Invest in ME London Conference which was held in June 2018. This was followed by a brief explanation of how Vitamin B12 affects people with ME/CFS, and a Q& A session.
CFS-RV10  2016

45m  DVD  $10
"Report from the IACFS/ME Conference, Fort Lauderdale, 2016"

This presentation was given at the ANZMES AGM in Auckland on the 26th November 2016. Dr Ros Vallings presentation focused on the IACFS Conference which was held in Fort Lauderdale. Some of the research that Dr Vallings covers in her presentation is how Glutathione impaired brain function in ME patients and how ME Patients have high protein levels in the CFS (Cerberus Spinal Fluid). She also covers how there is a difference in the molecular building blocks with ME/CFS patients known as 3 SNPS and much more.
CFS-RV9  2016

1h 32m DVD  $10
1. The Immune System and CFS
This presentation is a clear explanation of how the immune system works and how it pertains to CFS – in layman's language.

2. Report from the 2016 London  Invest in ME Conference
Dr Vallings attended this Conference earlier in 2016 and brings a concise and informative update on current research and developments in the ME world.
CFS-RV8  2015

1h 20m DVD  $10
Report from the 10th Invest in ME Conference

This lecture was given in Hamilton at a support group meeting to report on the 2015 Invest in ME Conference held in London, 29th May 2015. This celebrated ten years of these Conferences with patients, researchers and clinicians interacting, discussing and working together.
CFS-RV7  2014

1h 34m DVD  $10
Report from 3 Conferences in 2014 “Recent ME Research & Medication”

This lecture was given in Hamilton at a support group meeting to report on three Conferences that Dr Vallings attended earlier in 2014. She reported on some of the latest research on CFS and some of the recent usages of medication.
CFS-RV6  2013

1h 12m DVD  $10
"2013 Invest in ME Conference Report"

This lecture was given in Hamilton at a support group meeting to report on the 2013 Invest in ME Conference held in London, May 31st 2013. The theme was "Infection, Immunity and ME – Mainstreaming ME Research
CFS-RV5  2012

1h 17m DVD  $10
"2012 Invest in ME Conference Report"

This lecture was given in Hamilton at a support group meeting to report on the 2012 Invest in ME Conference held in London, June 1st 2012. The keynote speaker was Professor Don Staines from Australia. He presented ‘auto-immunity as a plausible hypothesis in the aetiology of ME/CFS’.
CFS-RV4  2011

1h 27m DVD  $10
"2011 IACFS/ME Conference Report"

Dr Vallings attended two conferences this year, the 6th Invest in ME international Conference in London in May, and the IACFS/ME Conference in Ottawa in September. Although much of the content followed similar lines, Dr Ros outlined some of the findings, the new developments, and some of the controversies that were covered in the Ottawa Conference.

Dr Ros has a special way of making these medical conferences understandable to the ordinary person. There was also a Q&A time at the end.
CFS-RV3  2011

1h 15m DVD  $10
"Pain Management"

This lecture was given in Hamilton at a support group meeting in April 2011. Doctor Vallings talks about three ways to treat pain: psychologically, physically, and medically, and she expands on these methods with particular emphasis on patients with ME and CFS.
CFS-RV2  2010

1h 13m DVD  $10
Report from the 5th Invest in ME International ME/CFS Conference 2010

Dr Vallings attended the 5th IiME conference in London. The conference was attended by delegates from around the globe and some of the leading ME/CFS international researchers presented their work. The conference was ably chaired by Professor Malcolm Hooper and after his opening words, the first speaker was Professor Leonard Jason, of de Paul University, Chicago, who provided an excellent overview of the illness, covering epidemiology and diagnosis. He discussed CFS in the context of fatigue in general in relation to physical and psychological causes. He pointed out that case definitions can over or under-estimate prevalence, and talked of other diagnostic pitfalls.
CFS-RV1  2009

1h 22m DVD  $10
Report from the 9th International IACFS/ME Research & Clinical Conference

Dr Vallings attended this conference from 12-15th March, 2009 in Reno, Nevada. Attendees from all around the world were present and much lively discussion ensued following the papers presenting the latest cutting-edge research.
The main conference opened with an invited lecture from Yasuyoshi Watanabe (Osaka, Japan). He spoke on the importance of Fatigue Science for Human Health. He told us that fatigue is an important bio-alarm, without which we might lapse into unrecoverable exhaustion, or even die.
Fatigue is strongly correlated with motivation, and decreases efficiency, and scientists are extensively analysing the causes of fatigue, looking at therapy to aid recovery and preventative strategies.
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Recorded at Hamilton CFS / ME Support Group Meetings sponsored by MS Waikato Trust
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