Noel Morris

Noel worked for an electronics company for ten years, specializing in medical and x-ray electronics in New Zealand.

At the age of 28 he became a Christian and soon after went to Faith Bible College, graduating in 1972.

The Morris family, from New Zealand, originally went to Japan at the end of 1973 with Youth With A Mission, and served as missionaries with World Outreach.

Noel operated Faith Tapes Library from 1974, which became Faith Ministries, but over the years he also served in various capacities in about six Churches in Japan, the last being the Good Samaritan Church in Kawanishi.

In 1983 Noel began sponsoring the Interdenominational OPEN MEETINGS in Osaka, which later became the Full Gospel Business Mens chapter meeting. He held responsibilities in FGBMFI until 1991.

Noel also worked with local pastors in sponsoring crusades and seminars all over Japan.

Since September 1992 Noel has traveled over 45 times to Eastern Russia and Sakhalin Island, taking humanitarian aid, cars and equipment, cars for churches; Bibles, books, cassettes and videos in Russian; leading evangelism teams from Japan and other countries; and in 1994 helped to start Faith In Action Bible School in Vladivostok.

After returning to live in New Zealand in 1999, Noel started the work of Faith Tapes (now Faithnet Media) among the churches in New Zealand. He also is traveling to Japan and Russia for teaching and preaching.

From 2003 to 2005 Noel was also part-time staff at Eastside Apostolic Church where he co-ordinated the Media Ministry.

As a videographer, he has several times provided video interviews for Shine TV's Nzone programme. Noel has videoed several major conferences each year as well as a variety of meetings with visiting speakers,  adding to the videos listed on this website.

Edith Morris

Edith became a Christian as a teenager at a Billy Graham crusade.

She also graduated from Faith Bible College in New Zealand in 1972, and went with her family to Japan in 1973.

Edith and her husband Noel have a married daughter, son-in-law, and two grandsons who have recently immigrated from the USA to live nearby in Hamilton, New Zealand.

In 1979 Edith began the first of the AGLOW Fellowships in Japan in Osaka City and served as Outreach Chairperson in Japan from 1985 to 1988.

Edith also conducts Color Coordination Seminars for women, and these seminars have become an interesting way of attracting people to churches to hear the Gospel.

In more recent years Edith has been developing her skills as a counselor in the Body of Christ and has been writing for Christian and other publications. She is also involved in the Disabilities sector as a presenter of Disability Awareness training, and in a voluntary capacity with the Post Polio Support Groups.

In April 2006 she started hosting a weekly 30-minute radio programme on Hamilton Community Radio Station to address disability issues.

Then in 2008 she was elected as President of the Post NZ, which was a rewarding challenge that kept her well occupied until 2014.

Her current interests are reading and writing, and an absorbing role as a great-grandmother to little Otto.

Edith passed away in October 2021 after several years of recurring breast cancer.