Since September 1992 Noel has traveled more than 45 times to Eastern Russia and Sakhalin Island, 
taking humanitarian aid, cars and equipment, cars for churches; 
Bibles, books, cassettes and videos in Russian; 
leading evangelism teams from Japan and other countries; 
and in 1994 helped to start Faith In Action Bible School in Vladivostok.
Since 1992 Noel has been involved in:

  • Taking Bibles, Christian books, cassettes and videotapes for churches.
  • Taking humanitarian aid: clothing, medicine, and equipment.
  • Taking evangelism teams, and Bible teachers to Eastern Russia.
  • Teaching and preaching in churches in Eastern Russia and Siberia.
  • Raising and taking financial support for pastors and church workers.
  • Establishing and teaching at Faith In Action Bible School to training Russian believers.

We would covet your prayer and financial support for this on-going work in Russia.