To help you remember your loved ones...

we can make you a video of the funeral service
An Effective, Efficient, Economical yet Discreet Video service

Why have a video made of a funeral?
  • Funerals are unique occasions where family and friends gather and where special stories are told which may never be told again.
  • Make a record of these people and their stories to pass on to the next generations. A video helps preserve a part of your Family History.
  • For some people, watching the video can be their way of dealing with the grieving and closure process.
  • Send a copy of the video to overseas relatives or friends or those who couldn't attend.

What we provide:

Standard plan:   $400

  • Recorded using one fixed main camera and one portable camera for cutaways, entry and exit. 
  • Edited as required.

Included in the price:
  • Two DVD's of the service from entry to exit and possibly outside the church.

Optional Extras:
  • Additional recording at the Cemetary, Crematorium or a Wake.
  • Live streaming of main service (where possible).
  • Extra copies of the DVD in PAL for NZ and other PAL countries (Australia, UK, China etc)
  • Extra copies in NTSC for other countries are available. (USA, Canada, Korea, Japan, Philippines)
  • Travelling from Hamilton extra $0.70 per Km
  • Contact us for prices.

If you need our postal address, please e-mail us
Tel 07-853-8285

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