To Russia with Love

  Twenty five years ago I made my first journey to Far East Russia. Over the following 17 years I made over 40 trips – taking humanitarian and medical aid, taking teams from Japan and other countries to evangelise, then from 1994 to 2009 starting and teaching at a Bible Training School.
  In August this year I have been invited to join a small team from Japan to visit some of the places I went to on those trips, and even a few more places that I have wished to go. I will have barely 2 weeks, but I hope to be able to meet up with pastors I know, graduate students from "Faith in Action Bible School", and many of my good friends in Russia. Following this I plan to spend 10 days in Japan visiting pastors, missionaries and friends.

  Twenty five years ago in 1992 I made my first journey to Far East Russia.  You can read the story of this trip, and watch some of it on the video here.

On my second trip to Russia in 1992 I went by ship to Nahodka, train to Khabarovsk, and then plane to Sakhalin to visit one of the first Christian schools in Russia.

In April 1994 we started "Faith in Action Bible School" in Vladivostok. Since that time we have trained some 200 workers, who are in many kinds of Christian work now.
More stories and links to come

Approximate Schedule:
August 2017
10   Auckland – Tokyo
11   Tokyo – Sapporo
12   Sapporo – Yuzhno Sakhalinsk (Sakhalin Island)
13   Church in Yuzhno Sakhalinsk
14   Yuzhno Saklansk – Khabarovsk by air
15   Khabarovsk – Birobidzhan by train
16   Birobidzhan – Khabarovsk by train. Khabarovsk to Okha (Sakhalin) by air
17   Okha
18   Okha
19   Okha – Poronaisk by car & train
20   Church in Poronaisk.  Car or bus to Yuzhno Sakhalinsk
21   Yuzhno Sakhalinsk – Vladivostok (Other team return to Japan)
22 - 24  Vladivostok
24   Vladivostok – Tokyo
24 - Sept 4 various cities in Japan
Sept 4 Osaka – Auckland arr 5th

  All previous ministry in Russia and Japan has always been as a part of the Body of Christ, with both prayer and financial giving. If you would like to support my trip to be able to minister and bless Russian churches along the way, you can use a Paypal button below in the currency of your choice.

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