Over the last decade George Otis - a Researcher, Storyteller, Publisher and Trainer has produced this series of Video Documentaries about revival in the countries of our present world. For the term "transformed" to be properly applied to a community, he believes that change must be evident not only in the lives of its inhabitants but also in the fabric of its institutions. In the end, it is dramatic social, political, and even ecological renewal that sets these cases apart from common experience.

The fifth in the Transformation series...
An Unconventional War

This powerful documentary chronicles how fervent prayer, forgiveness and unique church-state cooperation had a major impact on taming one of history's most brutal insurgencies in northern Uganda. It gives hope to lost and oppressed people everywhere - Issuing a challenge to invite God's presence and power with abandonment and expectation!  105 min

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The fourth in the Transformation series...
Let the Sea Resound
From the Sentinel Group and George Otis, this is the 4th video in the Transformations series.
A 75 minute documentary covering the astonishing revival currently sweeping through Fiji.

In an earlier, but not so distant, age the nation of Fiji groaned under the weight of superstition and socery; ancestral spirits roamed freely promising abundance, and demanding their due; tribal fighting was gruesome and frequent. Fueled by revenge and greed, violent warriors depopulated entire villages--even islands.
Today's Fiji bears no resemblance to its former self.
This 75-minute documentary covers the astonishing revival that is currently sweeping through the nation of Fiji. It is a moving and instructive testament of unprecedented Christian unity, contemporary signs and wonders, rapid church growth and genuine socio-political transformation. The breath of God has revived even the land and the sea.
Two-and-half years in the making and destilling more than 300 hours of footage, this may well be The Sentinel Group's most powerful documentary to date.
Let the Sea Resound is the inaugural documentary in a series entitled "The Moving Cloud."

The third in the Transformation series...
- Enter into the firestorm of God's grace!

A message of hope that is stirring an appetite for God's presence in the church, the state house, and the marketplace. The Quickening delivers the next level of intensive training and encouragement to Christians everywhere who have set a course toward transforming revival in their own communities and nations.

Hosted by George Otis, Jr., The Quickening features an international cast of today's most dynamic revival and transformation advocates including John Mulinde, Ruth Ruibal, Campbell McAlpine, Alistair Petrie, Jackson Senyonga, Roger Armbruster, Thomas Muthee, Jack Hayford, Eddie Smith, Harold Caballeros, George Barna and many more.

Part inspiration, part instruction, this 53 - minute videos presents...

  • Compelling evidence that the spiritual quickening forseen by the prophet Amos is now upon us.
  • Expanded teaching on key definitions, core principles, and common obstacles relatedto community transformation.

Enter into the firestorm of God's grace!

PAL DVD only.  TR-D3  NZ$32.00 plus P&P

Transformations II:  The Glory Spreads

This powerful sequel to Transformations: A Documentary delves into the challenging histories of the nation of Uganda and eastern Canada’s arctic provinces, and visits the scene of a dramatic revival that occurred in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides.
Not long ago, alcoholism, sexual abuse, drug addiction, suicide, violence, and civil war were the prevailing descriptors in the nation of Uganda and eastern Canada’s northern Arctic. Things changed dramatically when God’s people took steps to humble themselves and invite His return. Join host George Otis, Jr. as he investigates these modern-day stories and revisits the true transforming nature of historical revivals in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides.  75 min

PAL DVD only.  TR-D2  NZ$32.00 plus P&P

The original Transformation video
Transformations:  A Documentary

Imagine a community where 92 percent of the population is born-again, where city jails have been closed for lack of crime, and where agricultural productivity has reached biblical proportions. Journey to four communities undergoing dramatic societal change as the invading, transforming presence of God alters everything. From a hillside metropolis formerly run by Colombian drug lords to a rural village in Kenya, these thoroughly-documented case studies illustrate what happens when God’s people petition God to return—and He does! 59 min

PAL DVD only.  TR-D1  NZ$32.00 plus P&P

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