"Roses in the Red Light"

The story of Patricia Green's Work
with Women in Prostitution

Eleina G. Eriksson and Patricia Green


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Alabaster Jar
Ministry to women in prostitution in Berlin

Rahab Ministries Thailand
Ministry to women in prostitution in Thailand

Roses in the Red Light is the story of Patricia Green and her work with women in prostitution. A rose says that you are beautiful and I love you. Mai, a young Thai woman approached me one day in a church in Bangkok and said to me: "you don't remember, but you came into the bar where I was a dancer and you gave me a rose and told me that God loved me. That changed my life and was the beginning of hope for me and a new life away from having to sell my body to foreign tourists."

'Roses in the Red Light' is the inspiring story of a New Zealand woman who has worked for nearly thirty years with sexually exploited women. Initially in Patpong, the infamous Red Light district of Bangkok Thailand, reaching out with love and hope for a better future to thousands of young Thai women and teenage girls caught up in the web of prostitution and human trafficking.

From Bangkok Patricia Green moved to Berlin Germany, where she started a similar ministry, Alabaster Jar e.V. which offers spiritual, emotional and practical help (and roses) to women working in street prostitution. Many of whom are victims of human trafficking from Eastern European countries.

As you read this book you will be intrigued, you be shocked, you will laugh, you will cry and you will be angry at the injustice and exploitation of vulnerable young women. You will be inspired and encouraged by the stories of many of the women who have been given hope and whose lives have been changed, often beginning with the giving of a rose. This is the inspiring story of one woman's faith and courage and the story of an amazing ministry to women trapped in prostitution and sexual slavery and God's redeeming love.

Patricia Green is from New Zealand, she is an ordained Minister and a Mission Partner with World Outreach International. She is a social worker and has a Master's degree in Community Psychology. Patricia is well-known Internationlly as a speaker and advocate on issues relating to sexual exploitation, human trafficking and prostitution. In 1988 Patricia went to Thailand and began to work amongst Thai women working in prostitution in the infamous Patpong redlight district in Bangkok. In 1989 she founded ‘Rahab Ministries‘ which gained great recognition and became a role model for similar programmes in many countries, especially in Asia.

Since 2004 Patricia has lived in Berlin, Germany, where in 2006, she founded Alabaster Jar e.V., a Christian outreach to women working in street prostitution in Berlin. Many of the women come from Eastern Europe. Patricia travels widely and works as a consultant and teacher to new and existing projects with women in prostitution and victims of human trafficking. She is passionate about creating awareness of these problems and encouraging people to speak out on behalf of and reach out to commercially sexually exploited women and children and victims of sexual trafficking and give them a new life. In 2011 Patricia received the ‘Hope for Europe Award’ for her work in combatting human trafficking in Europe.

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