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Last updated 25 November 2018
FAITHNET MEDIA is a vital Christian ministry in New Zealand providing
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Missionary Book
"Roses in the Red Light"
Patricia Green

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DVD! $20 $12
A solo performance by Roger Nelson giving us a glimpse into the life of John Wesley.   more...
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Testimony of God's healing
from blindness
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Are you Irish?
Roger Nelson in
The Confession of
Saint Patrick
$20 $12 Special!
This is a solo performance by Roger Nelson, bringing you the man who inspired the Irish to love God and the world to love the Irish.
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Polio NZ
Conference DVDs
2009 Conference in Wellington
2008 Conference in Palmerston North
2007 Conference in Hamilton



Graham Eagle – “The Journey To Success”

   If ever a man was destined to fail, it would have to be Graham Eagle. Father unknown, mother not around, yet against all odds Graham has succeeded in business beyond all reasonable expectations.
   Graham is currently the President of FGBMFI NZ.

DVD available here

"BTW – A Bit of Trouble Walking"
Canon Andrew White  (Vicar of Baghdad)

Canon Andrew White was the Vicar of the church in Baghdad until it became unsafe for him to remain in Iraq. Andrew also has MS, and attended this gathering of members of the Christian Fellowship For Disabled in Hamilton where there was an instant bond.
DVD available here

Catch the Fire in Hamilton
John Arnott
"The Kingdom Of God And Healing"

Jesus shares his anointing with us so that we might reach into that anointing by faith and bring it down to heal pain, sickness and disease.
DVD available here

Adrian Beale & Adam F Thompson
The Dream Team
in Hamilton, 24 - 28 August 2018
Adam and Adrian taught on, and interpreted dreams of many of the participants in this popular seminar

Video on DVD or USB available here

Joan Hunter
in Hamilton, 29 May 2018

Joan Hunter is a compassionate minister, dynamic teacher, an accomplished author, and an anointed healing evangelist. Joan is the daughter of the Happy Hunters, Charles & Frances Hunter.
DVD available here

The Glorious Kingdom: In His Presence
Graham Cooke & Gary & Sarah Morgan
in Auckland, 8 – 10 March 2018

This was an exciting series of meetings with Graham Cooke's expansive teaching about the Christian life coupled with Gary Morgan's facinating prophetic ministry touching the lives of many of the attendees.

Video on DVD or USB available here


Adam Thompson
"Walking As A Sign & A Wonder"
  Adam has a remarkable grace to interpret dreams, move in the Word of knowledge and demonstrate the prophetic.  He is the co-author of the best selling book “The Divinity Code” on understanding dreams and visions.
This message:
  As we reveal Jesus, we can tap into the supernatural power of God to become walking signs and wonders. In the second half, Adam interprets the dreams of two volunteers, giving some guidelines and insights in the process.
DVD available here

“Radical Islam – Radical Christianity”
Steve Dunne
  This is one of Steve's messages from the FGBMFI Convention which has been edited to make it shorter. It is a profoundly challenging prophetic message to alert believers about radical Islam. We live in a critical clash of cultures between Christianity and the revival of Islam.
DVD available here

Gord Whyte - "The Anointing"
  Gord and Jan Whyte come from Kelowna, BC, Canada. Gord has ministered all over the world sharing testimony to his own miraculous healing encounter. He has a significant teaching, prophetic and healing ministry and delights in demonstrating the Kingdom of God.
  In the first part of the message Gord shared how Jesus miraculously healed him from a diseased kidney, and how that changed the direction of their lives.

DVD available here

John Arnott
"The Convoluted Journey Of Life"

John visited Hamilton on June 13th
and spoke and ministered at Harvest City Church

DVD available here

Full Gospel Business Mens Fellowship International
2016 National Convention 2017 in Hamilton
Speakers: Tracy & Danny Smith, Steve Dunne

Powerful teaching and testimony for life and ministry.
My favourite message was Steve Dunne on the topic
"Radical Islam – Radical Christianity".
Check these DVDs, CDs & USB out here.

“Israel’s Calling – A Light to the Nations”
PRAYER FOR ISRAEL NZ – Conference 2017
Speakers: Evan & Maala Thomas, Murray Dixon

Evan and Maala work with Messianic communities in Israel and bring a wealth of information about the situation in Israel today.

DVDs & CDs available here


Lynley Allan – "Anointed For Life"
  Lynley and her husband are Pastors of Catch the Fire Church in Auckland.
This message:
  "An ounce of anointing on your life is more precious than a thousand tons of talent". God's presence is in you and on you.  You are anointed for an assignment or a purpose, and sometimes God changes your assignment.

DVD available here

Full Gospel Business Mens Fellowship International
2016 National Convention in Queenstown 3 ~ 6 June
Geoff Woodcock, Jesse & Cookie Padayachee, Jimmy Njino
Powerful teaching and testimony for life and ministry.

John Arnott – "The Weight Of God's Glory"
in Hamilton 28 March 2016
John and his wife Carol are the Founding Pastors of Catch The Fire (formerly known as the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship). In this Message John shared some of the beginnings of God's outpouring in Toronto, along with many testimonies of changed lives and healings. His message is about the "heaviness" of the Glory of God and how the glory changes people. Then there was time for ministry of impartation and healing.
DVD available here

the Glorious Kingdom is here
Speakers: Graham Cooke, Kevin Hight, Lynley Allan
in Christchurch, 10 – 12 March 2016

  Graham Cooke's theme for the AGLOW Convention was "The Gate Of Heaven" and gave a strong prophetic perspective.
  Graham Cooke is a powerful, revelatory communicator with a radiant idea of Jesus, himself and the Kingdom of God. His life and ministry are marked by his delightful, intimate, and unreserved two-way friendship with the Lord. He is an author and publisher with 20 books to his name. Originally from Manchester, England, Graham now lives in California with his wife, Theresa.

DVDs available in sets or separately here

 Jim White – "Restored To God's Plan"
God’s original plan for Adam and Eve was perfect. Sin and sickness from the kingdom of darkness came through their wrong choices. Through Jesus, God restored Kingdom life to those who believe. They become one with Jesus, so they can see themselves as God sees them. More than that, they can minister His life to others.
DVD available here

Kathie Walters   "Doors To Your Destiny"
  Kathie has a heart for people and encourages them to let their giftings and callings come forth under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
This message:
  Kathie tells some amazing stories how God can open doors of opportunity. Then from Jeremiah's call, she shows how God can open a door for destiny in our lives too.
Adrian Beale & Adam Thompson

The dream team conference is designed to activate believers into understanding the parable-like nature of their dreams and visions.
DVDs here

Steve Long "Expectant Faith at Capernaum"
  Steve and his wife Sandra are Senior Pastors at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship – now Catch The Fire – in Canada.
This message:
  Steve compares the faith of the people of Nazareth (where Jesus could do no miracles) with those in Capernaum where many people were healed. There is a need for “Expectant Faith” even today for those who seek after healing.

Abraham Charles "Encounter With God"
  Pastor Abraham Charles is the founder and director of Potter Palace Ministries in London. His anointed healing gift has changed many lives, and he ministers powerfully in the word of knowledge in meetings all around the world.

Full Gospel Business Mens Fellowship International
2015 National Convention in Napier 29 May ~ 1 June
Bill & Kaylene Subritzky and Jimmy & Ruth Njino
Powerful teaching and testimony for life and ministry.

DVDs and CDs here

Jonathan Puddle – "The One on the Throne"
Jonathan serves at Catch The Fire as director of Retail, Publishing and Technology. He is passionate about empowering sons & daughters in the Kingdom.
This message:
  Jesus specialises in removing shame. Mary was scandalised (knew shame) by the idea of being pregnant when she was only engaged. Jesus grew up being scandalised (knowing shame) by his peers for being born out of wedlock.

Jim White
"How to Find Your Identity in an Identity Crisis"
  Jim White along with his wife, Dianne serve as Ambassadors to the nations for the International Association of Healing Rooms headquartered in Spokane Washington.
 An identity crisis is when you don't know who you are, or where you have come from, or why you are here? Or maybe you are thinking “Is my wiring somehow wrong”?

"What is in Your Hand?" John Arnott
(Australian leader of Catch the Fire Australasia)
Moses, the prince who became a shepherd. The journey from greatness to lowliness is what God uses to prepare shepherds of His sheep; through pain, loss, betrayal, loneliness. The journey through this wilderness experience is where we find out whether we really trust God. The wilderness was where God tried to gets the slave mentality out of the Israelites, but where Moses learned to shepherd sheep.

John & Pauline Arnott
  John & Pauline are the National Leaders for Catch The Fire Australasia. They gave a four part seminar on the Father Heart of God in Hamilton.
#1 “The Loving Father” - John Arnott
#2 “The Power of Forgiveness” - Pauline Arnott
#3 “The Nurturing Heart of God” - Pauline Arnott
“The Spirit of Sonship” - John Arnott

2–DVD set $30  more here

"The Father’s Heart For Healing"
Andy Piggott
Andy Piggott is the senior pastor of Bethel Church in Whangarei.  When he first experienced the presence and supernatural demonstration of God it brought a change of heart that no argument had been able to generate. So in this message Andy shares about the Father-heart of God and why God delights to heal.


"Encouragement from Prophetic Words"
Gary Beaton
  Gary Beaton is an award-winning television producer & film producer. He moves in a dynamic realm of the supernatural to bring dunamis power, healing & firm foundations to the Church. Gary is well known for releasing the prophetic impartation into the lives of believers.


Ram Babu, Robert Roy and Abraham Charles
Ram Babu is an evangelist from India with an anointing for salvation and healing. Many churches came together for these events in Auckland & Hamilton.
Dozens received salvation, and many discernable healings took place.

"The Other Side Of The Story"
Yosef Livne, Israeli Ambassador to NZ
  Israeli Ambassador to NZ Yosef Livne visited Hamilton at the invitation of Christian Friends of Israel. In his speech, he brought out the unenviable situation that Israel finds itself in regarding what is happening in Gaza. International and NZ media focus on the managed images of woman and children in Gaza without bringing out the balance of the bigger stories of what terrorist organisation Hamas (which means violence) has inflicted on them.

Vanessa Schlogl

 Vanessa has a strong desire to see people fulfil their God-given potential as they learn who they are in Christ and learn how to access their rights and privileges as children of God. These messages were given at the Hamilton Aglow meeting. Titles are “Coming Into The Kingdom”, “Create Your World With Your Words”, “How To Live In Victory”, and “Travail And Intercession”.

Andy Pigg – "Called To Heal"
Andy shares the story of how the Lord called him to a healing ministry. From Andy’s prayers  40 out of 41 people on life support in impossible situations have been totally restored and healed.
   Andy ministers under the covering of Christ the King Catholic Church in Auckland, NZ.

A seminar with Goldie Gibson
D1: "It's Time For Joy"  This afternoon seminar follows the thread through Jeremiah 31, and finishes with Psalm 16, and is illustrated with Goldie’s powerpoint presentation.

D2: "Have No Anxiety" This message is based on Phillipians 4:6, and is also illustrated with Goldie’s powerpoint presentation.

Full Gospel Business Mens Fellowship International
2014 National Convention in Rotorua 30 May ~ 2 June
Craig Marsh - teaching and testimony about how you can position yourself for a miracle.
Greg & Sue Biddell - with decades of experience as Pastors & Missionaries, they taught how we can experience God's supernatural in everyday life.
DVDs and CDs here

Jim White
"Holy Spirit Invasion Is Coming"
  Jim White is an Ambassador to the Nations for the International Association of Healing Rooms.
  In this message Jim saw New Zealand as one flame and said "the Holy Spirit is not coming to visit He's coming to stay. New Zealand is home base for the Holy Spirit before God moves around the world."

Loren Cunningham –
"The Book That Transforms Nations"

  Loren Cunningham, founder of YWAM, is one of today's Missionary Statesmen. He shared some of the trends of Christian Missions from history, then some of the facinating things that are happening in our present day and age. Of course, the Bible is the Book that transforms nations.

Kul Bal – "Transformations By The Spirit"
  Kul Bal was born in Malaysia with ancestors hailing from North India.  He practised Sikhism and Hinduism all his life until he had a personal encounter with Jesus Himself (what he calls as a “Damascus Road Experience”) while he lived in Scotland. He then moved to Australia with his Scottish wife, but is now an international full time Evangelist and has a great anointing!


Don McDonell, Geoff Winter, Dennis McCaskill
God is doing amazing things across the nations of the world. The lame are walking, the deaf are hearing and blind eyes are been open! Power and Presence is a highly practical conference that will give you a head-start in developing the spiritual gifts inside of you. Our keynote speakers are on the cutting edge of seeing the power and presence of God transcend in everyday life.

Jim White – "A New Season Has Arrived"
  Jim White is an Ambassador to the Nations for the International Association of Healing Rooms.
  In this message Jim shares a vision from God where he saw maps of New Zealand and Australia being ignited with the fire of Kingdom power. As the darkness in this world increases more and more, we will see the power of Jesus released in our lives to touch the world around us. This season of God’s outpouring has arrived.

Jimmy Njino in Hamilton
(Hamilton / Te Awamutu FGBMFI meetings)
Dynamic ministry in the Spirit. In the first message Jimmy shares how he became a believer, some of the stories of revival in his school, and some of his early ministry experiences.
In the second message Jimmy shares stories about the need to have an anointing for authority when facing demonic opposition in ministry.  More

Mark Steen"The Fire Of First Love"
Mark Steen died in an accident and went to heaven where Jesus took him into many rooms, leaving Mark with the mandate to come back to life to release people into the power of God's first love.
DVD and CD here
FGBMFI 2013 National Convention in Christchurch

Kul Bal, Seth Fawcet, Beth Inglis


Kim Walker-Smith
Aric Sigman
Melinda Tankard Reist
Miriam Grossman

Ram Babu is an evangelist from India with an anointing for salvation and healing. Many churches came together for this event in Hamilton.
Dozens received salvation, and many discernable healings took place. DVD here

"God's Sherriff Of Cambramatta"
Gary Raymond shares some of the stories of his time as a member of the Rescue Squad, as a Cop on patrol, and as Christian. Hear how many of the victims and perpetrators found Jesus through the ministry of this Compassionat Cop.

"Cambodian Harvest: Reverse The Curse Of Landmines"
Marion Fromm is a woman on a mission to bring about change and healing to landmine survivors in Cambodia. An amazing story about one woman yeilded to God can do to bring a hope and a future.

"God's Favour Over The Waikato"
Ian Johnson's message was about what God wants to do through the people of the Waikato. He said that Mt Tongariro was due to erupt, little did he know (or did he?) that the next day Tongariro actually did erupt afer 115 years!

Protecting & Strengthening Families 2012
Miriam Grossman MD, Prof David Fergusson
Dr Michael Reid, Nick Tuitasi

Full Gospel Business Mens Fellowship International
2012 National Convention in Auckland
June 1 ~ 4
Brian France - teaching and ministry by the Holy Spirit
Gary Raymond - a compassionate cop with amazing stories of how both perpetrators and victims found Jesus
Cecily Hill - ministry to the ladies
DVDs & CDs listed here

"Hear The Strategies Of Heaven"
Warren Young
We need to hear from God so we can speak to our Nation
Buy DVD or CD here, or watch free on YouTube


Speaker: Murray Dixon


Dr Albert Makary says we must change the way
New Zealanders think about abusing alcohol and other drugs.
He explains the reasons for our binge drinking and its link to promiscuity, and proposes some answers, primarily stigmatizing the abuse of alcohol.
This DVD has been produced at an economy price to enable you to buy it and share it with others.  
$12 each (including NZ postage) More...
or watch free on YouTube (next column >>>)
As well as the interviews with John Key and Phil Goff, speakers were Dr Albert Makary, Lindsay Mitchell and Ian Grant QSO
3 - 6 June in Wellington
Speakers:  Jimmy Njino & Michael Livengood

“One in Messiah - A Testimony From Israel”

Evan Thomas has served with his wife Maala for the past 14 years as the pastor of the Messianic Congregation, “Beit Asaph” in the coastal city of Netanya, Israel. More...

David Silver tells us some of the facts about Israel and the situation in Palestine, where we usually only hear lies and half-truths from politicians and in the media. Sometimes even our preachers don’t have a right understanding. You will be challenged in your thinking about the place of Israel in your faith walk.

Two new important messages that will hit you while you are laughing.

"Principles of Self Care"
"Change Your Belief System"

Forum on the Family
Listen to 5 min mp3 samples of
Aric Sigman
Melinda Tankard-Reist
Judy Bailey
Tuhoe Isaac

National Convention
June 4 - 7 Invercargill

Don McDonell
Rod Winter
June Howie
 6 - 8 May 2010
at Te Aroha, NZ
with Kim Walker-Smith,
Ian Johnson
Skyler Smith,
Cindy Ruakere,
Robyn Whittle

Face to Face Conference

Jeremy & Connie Sinnott

from TorontoAirport
Christian Fellowship
teach on our
relationship with Jesus
Pastor Joseph Serwadda
Megachurch Pastor
from Uganda


Ray Andrews
checks the health
of our emotions

Envision 09

in Tauranga

2009 Convention 
Geoff Wiklund
Trevor Davis

Don Richardson
teaches the
Biblical Basis
for Missions

Marcel Rebiai
How to understand
Islam and how it
affects the Churc

Ian Clayton
teaches on the
mysteries of
the Kingdom

Meredith Wheeler
talks about
Pastoral transition
in the church
Johnny Lee Clary
Testimony of coming
from the Ku Klux
Klan to Christ.

Ed Delph
talks about
ministry in the

The latest Christian video & audio messages
This 9 minute testimony is Martin's story of how he went to a meeting legally blind, but drove home!
It is a part of the video FGB07-D11 from the FGBMFI National Convention in 2007.

Watch for free

  In August 1974, Steve Lightle received a vision of God's plan to bring the Jewish people out from the then Soviet Union and return them to the Land of Israel. In 1991, together with Gustav Scheller, he helped establish the Exodus Shipping Line to bring Jewish people from Russia to Israel by ship and airplane.
  This is the second half of a message Steve gave in Hamilton NZ on 26 July 2016. The first half of the recording was lost through a malfunction. It is not for sale, but
 FREE to view on YouTube.

Kathie Walters finds supernatural doors at an airport. This is just one of the stories she tells in the DVD "Doors To Your Destiny". 4m
Alistair lays a foundation about the poetic nature of the Scriptures that we might not be aware of, in order to begin to understand how to interpret dreams and visions. 4 min.
Adam shares about how he and Adrian came together and their ministry interpreting dreams and visions began. 3 min.
Loren Cunningham shares his vision of a world-wide wave of evangelism. This is the first 13 minutes of his latest message "The Book That Transforms Nations"
Jimmy Njino's Testimony "Revival at School"
Gary Raymond gave some amazing testimonies at the 2012 FGBMFI Convention. This is just a short sample to whet your appetite! FGB12-D10
Brad and Geoff gave testimonies at the 2012 FGBMFI Convention
"Declaring War on our Binge Drinking Culture" Dr Albert Makary FF11-D1b


At the Forum on the Family we saw the premiere of a documentary about parents who have been criminalised by NZ's "smacking laws"
A MUST-WATCH for every parent and
grandparent in NZ.
You can watch online at
(or click on the picture) or order a free copy by e-mail from Family First:

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